IBM Smarter Workforce Summit

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Welcome to the 2015 IBM Smarter Workforce Summit in London. This is one of the leading HR thought leadership and networking events in Europe, attracting over 500 HR professionals to last year’s conference.

Summit Overview

Smarter Workforce 2015 is about reinventing work to transform your business and empower your workforce. With workstreams featuring topics related to Talent Acquisition, Workforce Science, Employee Experience, and Talent Analytics - this event will provide valuable insight and thought leadership to help you create a Smarter Workforce. Because it is no longer just about talent, technology or commerce, but about connecting all three together to energise employees, engage customers and improve business outcomes.

Building upon the success of last year’s event, we have exciting new presentations, demos and discussions planned on a wide range of topics of critical importance to you and your colleagues. The calibre of thought leadership at Smarter Workforce 2015 is higher than ever. Featuring business leaders and workforce experts from some of the largest, most recognised organisations today, our conference speakers will help you understand how to get more out of your workforce and transform your business. We truly hope you will join us to discover how to build a workforce that becomes stronger, delivers fast and makes your business better.

IBM Smarter Workforce Summit offers a one-day, complimentary event in London on the 18th June.

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