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IBM X-force 2012 Annual IT Trend and Risk Report
The IBM X-Force research and development team discovers, analyses, monitors and records the latest trends and methods used by attackers. This 2012 Annual Trend and Risk Report provides the most current information on security trends and tips for keeping organizations and devices secure.

Equifax Protecting consumer and business information with Advanced Threat Protection Case This case study details out how IBM Security Solutions truly protect consumer and business information with Advanced Threat Protection. Equifax a global leader in information solutions, invested in a combination of IBM Security QRadar SIEM, IBM Security Network Intrusion Prevention Systems and IBM Security AppScan to enable them to maintain a high level of security of their consumer and commercial data.

IBM Security Products: Intelligence, Integration, Expertise
In the era of big data, complex infrastructures and increasingly sophisticated security threats, IBM Security delivers leading products and services based on three main tenets- Intelligence, Integration, Expertise - to help organisations of all kinds work toward true security intelligence.

Try FREE trial of IBM Security AppScan, leading application security testing suite designed to help manage vulnerability testing throughout the software development life cycle.

White Paper: Combating Advanced Persistent Threats with Security Intelligence and Anomaly Detection
Advanced persistent threats (APTs) have become one of the discussed topics. This IBM Institute for Advanced Security white paper focused on why prevention approaches and signature-based detection technologies are no longer enough to defend your organization and your employees.

Visit The Institute for Advanced Security, IBM’s global initiative that helps organisations better understand and respond to the security threats to their business

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Reputational Risk and IT 2013

Responding to—and recovering from—sophisticated security attacks

Understanding Big Data

Business Partner, Pirean

Focus on secure identity and access management

Webinar: Orchestration - Discover a Better Solution for Access Management

Date: 12th June

It security can often become a frustrating barrier for users of it services. identity and access management requirements can impede employee productivity, and, for customers accessing online services, impact satisfaction and loyalty. both scenarios have the potential to affect your bottom line.

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