IBM Security Intelligence
with Big Data

Use data to uncover malicious activity

Today's sophisticated cyber criminals can easily avoid traditional defenses, blend into background operations and perform undetected reconnaissance of networks over several months or years. Eventually, when the right opportunity arises, they steal sensitive information, commit fraud or otherwise damage the enterprise.

IBM Security Intelligence with Big Data helps you uncover these hidden threats by broadening the scope of security investigations. It combines the visibility of the IBM QRadar Security Intelligence Platform with the custom analytics of IBM Big Data. This powerful combination helps you address advanced persistent threats, insider threats and fraud. It analyses a greater variety of data—structured, semi-structured and unstructured—over prolonged periods to uncover malicious activity that might otherwise go undetected.

IBM Security Intelligence with Big Data performs correlation, anomaly detection and reporting for immediate threat detection—and also sends enriched security data to IBM big data products such as IBM InfoSphere BigInsights. It accommodates both the variety and volume of data needed for advanced security and risk use cases.

Key capabilities of IBM Security Intelligence with Big Data include:

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IBM Security Intelligence with Big Data