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With so much information and so many choices available to customers online, marketers are struggling to keep them loyal and engaged. The IBM Enterprise Marketing Management (EMM) retargeting solution helps you recapture visitors who have abandoned your site, acquire new visitors, and continuously retarget visitors as they evolve in their digital lifecycles.

Solution Components

The IBM Enterprise Marketing Management Retargeting Solution is supported by the following products:

With an integrated, robust network of email service providers (ESPs) and display advertisers built on an industry-leading web analytics and attribution model, the EMM retargeting solution provides the following benefits to help you recapture high-opportunity segments:

Retargeting is an instrumental element of the online marketing portfolio that will become increasingly commonplace as time goes by. Companies that forsake retargeting are conceding shoppers and revenue to the competition, while losing the opportunity to build long-term customer relationships. The EMM retargeting solution offers a range of offerings to help marketers with this critical business need.

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