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Information is at the core of government


How accurate is your data?

“We have silos of information that are not too bad at sharing data across the organisation – but this only leads to a proliferation of information and there is no single version of the truth.”
Public sector employee – Kable Research

Today’s government services are through

Citizens demand privacy protection and a consistent experience across all agencies. With so many sources of information, electronic and paper-based, coming into and going out of the numerous departments of government agencies, it’s no surprise that, over time, there can be multiple, conflicting, versions of a single record.

For successful management of services, it is essential that there is a single, unified view of data to ensure that only accurate, trusted information is fed to all the enterprise systems, people and processes that need it.

An IBM InfoSphere Master Data Management Server can manage master data across your entire organisation.

It provides the strategic architecture government agencies need to address master data management issues by managing citizen data centrally. It also presents an operational environment to store, maintain and update your critical information.

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