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Data Infrastructure (Information Foundation)

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Information foundation

IBM can help you develop a solid data infrastructure for information integration and storage.

Managing data and content efficiently over its lifecycle requires a reliable data infrastructure foundation. IBM’s product range provides a varied and flexible architecture on which information and warehouse management functions can be run. Read on to see more of the best-of-breed data servers and tools that deliver IBM’s ‘Information on Demand’ vision.

  • Data servers

    Data servers are the key infrastructure foundation for a reliable, scalable and fast environment that supports not just the basic data and information types but the proliferation of newer web-driven formats as well.

  • SAP

    SAP recommends the high performance and feature-rich IBM DB2 database for their applications and for lowering the overall cost and complexity of the computing environment.

  • Enterprise Content Management

    Enterprise content management empowers employees by putting the right data in the right hands at the right time.


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