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Using Service Management to Manage a Virtualised Environment

Mark Whitehead of Enterprise Management Systems Star Technology speaks about how virtualisation has allowed his company to make their offerings more agile, more cost-effective and allowed them to meet their green credentials. In the past, they would offer their clients physical servers to run a website, which would be under-utilised but still fully powered. In the virtual world, they can get better utilisation of the hardware, and pass cost savings onto the customer. It Allows their customers to focus on their core business, while they take care of their business critical systems. Virtualisation is more scalable and agile and its use has increased allowing customers to be very flexible with their development environments. Virtualisation is a very smart way of managing infrastructure and making it flexible and efficient.

Nedbank Uses Cloud Computing to Improve Business Performance

Nicholas Parry of Nedbank speaks about how Tivoli Provisioning Manager (TPM) has automated provisioning to improve resource utilisation and enhanced service delivery--ultimately offering his clients faster, less expensive services. TPM helps clients reduce manual steps to better automate the changing demands for IT resources -- a key element of IBM's version of cloud computing, called Blue Cloud. By having more time to focus on their work, Nedbank's employees are able to efficiently provide the code and functionalities that their clients demand. TPM allows Nedbank to differentiate itself on client service.

IT is Like Art - Service Management Software

In this short video, Jesper Johansen, Managing Director for consultancy company MATERNA, explains this statement and presents his views on the changes MATERNA has experienced in field of IT Service Management lately.

Optimising Military Services with Service Management

Keith Norton of Paradigm discuses the uncertain world that the military lives in - having to be full prepared to respond to urgent requests. He speaks about their work with IBM to launch a new and exciting service called Dynamic Integrated Telematics (DIT). Dynamic Integrated Telematics is effectively taking the IBM Tivoli technology software applications typically used in data centres for service management and deploying them into the military theatre to look after military assets. A tremendous amount of data can be provided from subsystems and systems, but if it can't be managed effectively, they will not be able to deliver efficient management. The IBM Tivoli software suite allows a vast amount of information to be gathered from sensors and distilled down into very small parcels of information. Smart service management is about being able to use and communicate only the data that matters.

Key note presentation: Integrated Service Management

Key Note: The importance of Integrated Service Management in Cloud Computing

An ISM Journey in UK Government

IT Service Management has matured considerably over recent years, as has the IBM integrated solution portfolio to support it. Based on our experiences within a UK Government organisation, we will talk about a specific journey - taking an organisation to an ITIL aligned Service Support and Service Delivery model. Our approach will demonstrate how your organisation can move from a reactive, disjointed service to an integrated ‘Smarter’ delivery model. Organisations embark on this journey every day, and you don’t have to go it alone. This solution was awarded the IBM 2010 Business Partner Service Management Solution award at Pulse.

Remote Asset Management via Dynamic Integrated Telematics

IBM Tivoli's Business Transformation and Journey to cloud computing... A case study

This session will focus on an internal IBM cloud implementation in the Tivoli Development Organisation. Faced with a growing footprint of 36 labs, the result of organic growth and acquisitions, Stephen and his team launched a global scale IT & Development Transformation program. By leveraging cloud computing as the vehicle and deploying the full implementation of our ISM capability to efficiently manage the geographically dispersed smart data centres from a single location and automate essential IT services such as self service provisioni IBM notice: The page you requested cannot be displayed

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