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Optimising Military Services with Service Management

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Keith Norton of Paradigm discuses the uncertain world that the military lives in - having to be full prepared to respond to urgent requests. He speaks about their work with IBM to launch a new and exciting service called Dynamic Integrated Telematics (DIT). Dynamic Integrated Telematics is effectively taking the IBM Tivoli technology software applications typically used in data centres for service management and deploying them into the military theatre to look after military assets. A tremendous amount of data can be provided from subsystems and systems, but if it can't be managed effectively, they will not be able to deliver efficient management. The IBM Tivoli software suite allows a vast amount of information to be gathered from sensors and distilled down into very small parcels of information. Smart service management is about being able to use and communicate only the data that matters.


Keith Norton - Managing director, Paradigm, UK

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