That’s the ranking of Informix database software in customer satisfaction 2 years running.

Informix has moved beyond the capabilities of other database software. It makes your business more efficient, while minimizing data-storage costs. It’s relational and embeddable. And its functionality spans many diverse industries.


For example, global logistics organisation DHL uses Informix to help manage over 500,000 information checkpoints required to track more than 75,000 individual shipments per day.

In the gaming environment, Gameshow Network’s number one need is reliability and scalability – 750,000 games are played each day on GSN, 24/7, so any impact on uptime is critical to its revenue stream.

Thanks to Trafficmaster’s popular Smartnav service, Informix also helps drivers - by calculating their best route and suggesting alternatives when it’s congested. Spending less time stuck in traffic reduces congestion and carbon emissions associated with fuel consumption and idling.

And in the Hildebrand smart metering project, British customers are now able to monitor energy usage in their own homes in real-time. At the same time, it gives the utility a time stamp that allows it to analyze data for economic and sales forecasting, budgetary analysis, yield projections and workload forecasts.

Watch the video to see why Informix rates at the very top in terms of database software and has become the standard for more than 200,000 clients globally.

In an increasingly complex IT environment, it’s time for a change. On Smarter Planet, successful businesses need a simple, reliable and powerful database management system. And for many of our clients, Informix is it.

Watch this Informix video to see how its superior performance, ease of use and flexible scalability are helping organisations excel.

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