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Recently, IT discussions of cost savings have evolved to include concerns over energy efficiency. Businesses are now looking for ways to optimise their computing environments to the benefit of both their bottom line and the planet. IBM believes that there doesn’t need to be any conflict between these goals.

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When it comes to green data centres, the first step to finding the right solution is understanding the problem. Is it just about cooling? Or do you need to cap energy expenses generally? How do you diagnose and build a more efficient data centre? While the right products can help save money and energy, a successful outcome is dependant on a tailored strategy, implemented with the right tools. Find out how you can use virtualisation and active energy management technologies to improve your current IT infrastructure or create a data centre that will take you into the future at a lower cost.

Efficient Technology podcasts
In this series of podcasts IBM will discuss the latest high profile issues facing your company. Each 3 minute podcast will focus on a variety of topics from IBM solutions and Benchmarking tools to journalists giving their views on current issues. This series is designed to educate and inform so that you can stay on top of what is a rapidly changing and growing area of debate. With ever changing legislation coupled with rapidly rising prices for gas and electricity this topic is in constant flux. View these podcasts to hear expert opinion and insight.

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