Will Reilly: Building your Information Strategy for Smarter Analytics
Director, Information Management Software, IBM

The increasing complexity of business and the escalating volume and variety of data being generated today can either be seen as a major threat or a golden opportunity to gain competitive advantage. In the new era of computing, companies are heightening their focus on building an agile information management foundation that can address the needs for mission-critical applications and advanced analytics. Will's session focused on the four key pillars of IBM’s information management software –big data, information integration and governance, database management and PureSystems. He described the business drivers of five big data use cases and client successes, illustrating how IBM’s Information Management software and systems can help you reduce data management costs, increase trust and protection of your data and accelerate analytics to exploit big data.

Professor Joe Peppard: Real world strategies for big data
Chair in Information Systems, Cranfield School of Management

Joe began by challenging the notion that big data is anything new, suggesting that 30 years ago the very same discourse was taking place under the umbrella of the “information revolution”. Organisations have always struggled to manage, control and harness data. Joe highlighted the misguided allure of IT to solve problems with data, introducing two distinct paradigms that govern how information is used. These paradigms are usually not recognised by those involved in design, execution and management, yet they dictate how resultant projects for investments to harness data should be run. Joe concluded by describing five generic strategies for data.

Other Papers

Joe Peppard looks at how forward thinking organisations are approaching Big Data with new ways of thinking about information, innovation and strategy and identifies five key strategies they are embracing.

At the heart of harnessing the value from big data, lies a new approach to thinking about information and strategy. This paper shows you how to take the first steps, and examines the pivotal role the CEO plays in taking charge of their organisation's information strategy.

Joe Speed: Big Data and the Connected Life
IBM m2m Leader, IBM

Everything is becoming connected, and the rate is accelerating. Joe explored how previously separate domains such as people and machine-to-machine (m2m) are intersecting and merging in surprising ways. This connected life of people and things requires a move away from m2m and siloed "data cages" to a situation where people and things interact frictionlessly with real-time analysis across all. Millions of things and millions of events means millions of decisions. And when any of these things are people, speed matters because response time is revenue.

John Jackson and Hilary Simpson: The power of a Single View
John Jackson, CIO and Hilary Simpson, Implementation Leader, London Borough of Camden

John and Hilary explored how MDM technology is helping to break down internal silos, get organisations closer to customers, and drive savings and efficiencies. With citizen data spread across the organisation Camden have now built a single view of the citizen and households. Such a joined up environment will enable Camden to provide true citizen centric services with the associated improvement in service delivery, outcomes, customer satisfaction and, critically, realise major efficiency savings. Camden are leading the Big Data way in Local Government.

Chris Williams: Continuing the Big Data Journey – what is the right architecture to underpin your technology strategy?
Chief Information Management Architect for Big Data, IBM

So you understand the value of applying analytics to your big data. But where do you start? What is the right architecture and approach? How do you ensure the infrastructure is secure, scalable and properly governed? How do you combine tools and appliances to ensure success? What are the right entry points, and how do you build a business case? Chris covered all these practical issues, highlighting how the IBM Big Data platform makes big data ready for the enterprise and explaining how you can get ahead by making better use of information assets.

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