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Big data is changing the equation for business.

We really got a sense of how the ever-growing volume, variety and velocity of data is raising the game for organisations across the full spectrum of industries at the IBM Big Data, Integration and Governance Forum on 24 April.

The event was an exciting opportunity for the big data community to meet, share experiences and learn from one other.

We heard fantastic insights from industry experts on how to harness big data to make businesses more intelligent, agile and responsive to customers. We explored the power of smarter analytics to open doors and create possibilities that previous generations could never have imagined. We examined approaches to developing a robust information strategy.

We also heard some incisive questions and compelling stories from delegates – from those just starting out to those already some way along their big data journey. We’d like to thank you all for getting involved, and for providing such great feedback.

The event was just the start and to carry on the conversation please join us on Twitter with your comments and questions.

You can download all the day’s presentations, watch videos and find out more about the speakers and make contact with them.

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