Automate System z security

And reduce help desk calls by up to 35%

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System z: Nothing protects information and administers access across multiple platforms as cost-effectively and thoroughly.

Managing security and protecting strategic information has grown increasingly complex with the explosion of data and applications. The challenge only gets tougher as companies exploit heterogeneous computing environments. System z has long been regarded among the most securable computing platforms available - when it is managed to its fullest potential.

System z security solutions from IBM offer seamless integration with the platform. They provide cost-effective security administration, improve service by detecting threats, and reduce risk with automated audit and compliance reporting that can result in up to 70% lower security audit costs.2 With System z as your security hub you can protect business-critical information across the enterprise.


1 Relates to security-related service desk calls based on internal testing
2 Customers can save up to 70% of their audit and compliance overhead with centralised security logging, automated security event analysis, and standardised audit and compliance reporting. The reporting tools allow customers to effectively customise reports for their management. These results are based on a European Insurance Company’s input to our IBM ROI Business Value Analysis Tool using IBM Tivoli zSecure products.