Data management and analytics on System z

It’s common sense: Transaction processing and analytics
on one system that already hosts your data

Many of the most competitive companies around the world are using the high performance of the mainframe to improve data integrity, management and efficiency. It gives them a unique advantage and greater efficiency that can be yours, too. Now you can run both transaction processing and deep analytics on one system, where most critical data already resides – and stop moving around your data.

Learn how you might benefit from:


1Based on internal testing and an insurance customer's testing in October 2011. Figures represent query time improvement using IBM DB2 Analytics Accelerator compared to DB2 alone.
2IBM's internal testing and early beta customer results revealed that, depending on the specific workload, customers could achieve out-of-the-box DB2 CPU savings of up to 5% - 10% for traditional workloads and up to 40% for specific workloads; when compared to running the same workloads on DB2 9.
3Internal testing has shown a transaction increase of 30 percent on an IMS 12 Fast Path Single Image on a System z196; when compared to IMS 11.