It's common sense: Transaction processing and analytics on one system

And it's the same system that already hosts your data.

White paper: Integrating Analytics into the Operation Fabric of Your Business
Bring enormous analytic query performance directly into your operational processes

Deliver information insight in seconds to thousands of concurrent users.

System z is the premier platform of choice for high-volume transaction processing with its performance, throughput and efficiency. Why stop there?

It’s also the smart choice for data warehousing and analytics.

With the IBM DB2 Analytics Accelerator, for example, complex analytic queries can run 100 times faster and sometimes even 1,000 times faster on System z.1 Without changing applications. Without moving data around . Without managing satellite data marts.

Plus, you can be up and running in days and support thousands of concurrent users.

System z can get decision-makers the insight they need, when they need it, and where they need it – all with the reliability, availability and security that you’ve come to expect from the mainframe.

Apply business intelligence, performance management, predictive analytics and more right where your data resides – and eliminate unnecessary costs.


1 Based on internal testing and an insurance customer's testing in October 2011. Figures represent query time improvement using IBM DB2 Analytics Accelerator compared to DB2 alone.