Do you know who has seen your data today?


Get a holistic approach to protecting information across your entire enterprise

Databases that contain an organisation's most sensitive data, including financial records, credit card information and citizen or customer data, continue to be the number one source of breaches and that's why they are increasingly subject to data protection and privacy regulations.

As a result, protecting against fraud, insider threats and external attacks has compelled organisations to streamline compliance processes in order to protect their most vital information assets.

Unfortunately, many organisations are struggling to discover where sensitive data exists and how to protect it.

IBM InfoSphere solutions for data security, privacy and compliance are uniquely positioned to help organisations discover, assess, encrypt, monitor, mask and redact sensitive data. As the largest security vendor in the market, IBM provides a holistic approach to protecting the integrity of your data across the entire enterprise.

Three guiding principles to improve data security and compliance

Protect sensitive data and ensure compliance.

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