Manage your data from cradle to grave


Effective data lifecycle governance means better application and database performance at reduced costs.

Too much information is not necessarily a bad thing. But unless managed correctly it can slow you down.

Unfortunately, most enterprises do not govern their data lifecycle. Not only does this result in slower applications it also forces enterprises to spend too much on storing and managing data. In fact, database administrators spend up to 80% of their time on data performance issues, and many organisations invest more on storing data than they did to acquire it. Up to 10 times more.

Governing the data lifecycle with IBM InfoSphere software improves application efficiency by better managing data growth, managing test data and enabling efficient application upgrades, consolidation and retirement. IBM solutions:

Analyst Report: Worldwide Database Development and Management Tools

Hear what IDC says about best practices and solutions to help you better manage data growth and retention.

The legacy time-bomb: Why managing legacy applications and data is vital

A Computing web seminar sponsored by IBM.

View the webinar on demand now!

Research paper: The legacy time-bomb: Why managing legacy applications and data is vital. December 2012.  Download the research.Learn how to improve data lifecycle management, moving legacy data to easily accessible archived files and enabling the retirement of unused or outmoded applications.

Download the research

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