Business Rules for Better Operational Decisions

Manage the repeatable decisions that control your business

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Business rules are logical, “if-then” statements that provide the basis for automating the repeatable decisions that control your business. For example:

Business rules management systems are software systems that enable business rules to be defined, deployed, monitored and maintained separately from application code. By externalizing business rules and providing tools to manage them, a business rules management system enables professionals to define and maintain rules, reducing the amount of time needed to update production systems, and increasing responsiveness to change.

While business rules provide the basis for automating operational decisions, these decisions must also be informed by relevant events. Operational Decision Management (ODM) is the next generation in business rules management, encompassing the management of both business rules and events.

ODM can help your organisation:

  • Analyst Research: The Business Value of Business Rules

    Learn what end users say about the value of business rules technology.

  • Operational Decision Management for DUMMIES

    eBook: ODM for Dummies

    Learn the basics of ODM and why it’s the next generation of business rules.

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