What is Business Process Management?

BPM is a discipline that leverages software and services to provide total visibility into your organisation. Discover, document, automate, and continuously improve business processes to increase efficiency and reduce costs.

Success breeds success. To get started with BPM, you must be focused on delivering business value. Take an incremental approach that allows you to quickly prove value with a single project, build competency and skills, and extend across the enterprise.

Orange Business Services take process improvement to the next level with Blueworks Live, saving 5.2 million Euros, 3 weeks in time and accelerating payment and delivery to customers.

Build Your Roadmap to Business Process Improvement

Build Your Roadmap to Business Process Improvement

Process improvement can seem challenging in the face of a complex and dynamic business network, but the right approach can get you there. IBM has already helped thousands of clients from a wide range of industries successfully meet their process improvement goals. We can help you chart your own roadmap to process improvement success that meets your business’ unique needs, without breaking your budget.

Start with business value

Successful process improvement initiatives start with business value. Organisations must understand the business goals and strategy and analyse their current processes to identify the processes that will deliver the greatest return on investment.

Begin with a short-term, initial project

Process improvement initiatives must deliver some quantifiable successes or stakeholder commitment and project funding can dry up. By starting with a manageable project you can development process improvement skills, and deliver value to the business quickly, ensuring commitment, funding, and success of subsequent projects.

Extend process improvements across the business

Once you have successfully completed an initial project, then you can start expanding to additional projects, leveraging and sharing your expertise along the way to truly build a process improvement program within your business.

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Get Started Today with Blueworks Live

Get started today with Blueworks Live

Get started today with IBM Blueworks Live - a secure Business Process Management solution hosted on the cloud, allowing non-technical end-users to perform their jobs more efficiently, thereby taking the pressure off IT managers to fix dozens of minor problems.

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