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IBM InfoSphere Software: Trusted Information.

If you're like most companies, over time you've come to use a lot of different IT systems to run your business. As a result, a lot of critical information has become siloed, incomplete and difficult to locate.

By more effectively managing your information you can achieve new levels of innovation through best of breed information integration, data warehouse and MDM capabilities

Chances are, your organisation has lots of powerful information that's underutilised. It's time to put it to work so you can make better business decisions. Because a smarter enterprise starts with smarter data.

10:00 Welcome and Introduction

Plenary session; IBM InfoSphere

Business information is the lifeblood of any business, while consumers of DATA need faster access, from more varied locations and sources than ever, many companies have hit roadblocks in their search for a ‘single version of the truth’, whether that requires a single view of the customer or just a single, consistent data set that can be used for business reporting and planning purposes.

In this overview of the highly successfully InfoSphere portfolio, understand how the IBM software can help you get that close to clean, consistent and accurate DATA - which can be queried fast and effectively by different kinds of users with full DATA lineage and Governance from the source of data to the end user.
11:20 Break & One-to-one demos
Break out sessions

IBM Smart Analytics Warehouse solutions

IBM provides a comprehensive range of data warehouses for analytics. The latest, the IBM Smart Analytics System provides an optional Cognos module.

These systems are prebuilt and pre-integrated hardware and software systems, ready to install and use. They significantly reduce the time needed to implement a Business Intelligence system.

They contain data modeling, ETL, special support for Cognos cubing plus data mining functions directly accessible from Cognos and other reporting tools.

They use parallel processing for high performance and scalablity and are excellent value for money.

Delivering TRUSTED information

to drive breakthrough business results. Trusted information provides the essential foundation for all of these projects. Armed with reliable, accurate information, organizations can confidently address key questions to drive their businesses forward.

IBM InfoSphere Information Server & Foundation Tools – enable organizations to discover related data that is spread across heterogeneous systems, and to design trusted information structures for business optimization and govern them over time. InfoSphere Information server offers unrivalled capabilities for data discovery, common business vocabulary creation, data quality compliance, data modelling and mapping, transformation rule specifications creation and DATA lineage determination. Find out more at this interactive session.

Mastering Data across a business unit, customer, product or Enterprise.

IBM Master Data Management solutions are about CONSISTENCY. Get a unified, complete, consistent and standardized view of your data.

A Master Data Management (MDM) strategy is key to unlocking the value of your company’s growing data and information. It provides critical business processes with timely, accurate and complete information; helping to generate better results regardless of the business need. MDM offers a clear and concise understanding of your data, whether the data you are mastering pertains to customers, products, partners, suppliers, locations, assets or other domain types

12:45 Lunch, Networking & One-to-one demos

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