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Survey and market researchers worldwide use this rich suite of products to achieve deeper understanding of people’s attitudes, preferences and behavior so that this valuable insight can be included in decision-making processes. Learn why (US).

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The IBM SPSS Data Collection Family


Streamline the process of creating surveys using familiar, intuitive interfaces and incorporate sophisticated logic to increase completion rates and ensure high-quality data


Advanced, easy-to-use technology for deploying and managing compelling surveys by phone, over the web, or face-to-face. Keep up with trends such as SMS messaging


Easily and efficiently develop professional, interactive reports in online or desktop environments, and deliver the right information to the right people at the right time


Centralize the management of surveys and data with tools for all stages of the research lifecycle, increase efficiency and staff utilization, and automate processes

The IBM SPSS Data Collection Family

Harness the power of IBM SPSS Predictive Analytics

IBM SPSS Statistics

Powerful, advanced statistical analysis -- in your hands.

IBM SPSS Modeler

Build reliable models and deploy results quickly to meet business goals. Server-based options dramatically increase scalability and performance.

IBM SPSS Deployment

Integrate analytical results into your operations to deliver results across the organization, improve business processes and optimize outcomes.

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