IBM Business Analytics Showcase

Driving Better Business Outcomes with Business Analytics

Tuesday 8 July
IBM Client Centre, South Bank, London
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Time Description
9.15 Welcome and Introduction
9.35 IBM Cognos Business Intelligence
This session will explore the latest innovations in IBM Cognos 10.2 Business Intelligence. We will demonstrate how IBM Cognos 10.2 Business Intelligence software can equip users to explore information freely, analyse key facts, collaborate to gain alignment with key stakeholders and make decisions with confidence for better business outcomes.
10.35 BREAK
10.50 IBM SPSS Predictive Analytics
Predictive analytics helps your organisation anticipate change so that you can plan and carry out strategies that improve outcomes. This session shows how SPSS can be used to perform analysis of data, find patterns and trends in your data more easily and deploy these solutions within your organisation to achieve measurable ROI including integration with your Cognos BI solution.
11.50 BREAK
12.05 Cognos Insight / Performance Modeller (TM1)
This session will explore how to incorporate planning and forecasting best practices into your environment – high frequency, high participation, model-based planning. Topics covered include how models can be built and rolled out quickly and easily by business users, scenario modelling, rolling forecasts and integration with reporting systems.
13.05 Morning Wrap up and Q&A
13.15 LUNCH
13.45 Social Media Analytics
Social Media Analytics helps organisations understand and act upon the social media impact of their products, services, markets, campaigns, employees and partners. Uncover sentiment, behaviours, attitudes, opinions and trends to grow your business, enhance your reputation and improve customer experience.
14.30 Break 
14.40 Raving about reports: Creating reports with the latest Vizualisations
  This session will show some sample reports. Then,  how to build Rave vizualisations into an Active  Report, with animation and filtering. These Active Reports can be used on-line and off-line on mobile devices, providing the user with a highly interactive dashboard/analysis.
15.25 Close