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Risk-informed decision making for financial institutions and corporate treasuries

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Why Algorithmics software?

IBM Algorithmics software enables financial institutions and corporate treasuries to make risk-aware business decisions. Supported by a global team of risk experts based in all major financial centers, IBM Algorithmics solution offerings include market, credit and liquidity risk, as well as collateral and capital management.

Featured Algorithmics software

  • Asset Liability Management

    Algo Asset Liability Management

    Measures earning sensitivity and future market valuation to support day-to-day management and gain a clear picture for long-term planning.

  • Risk Service

    Algo Risk Service on Cloud

    Provides on-demand access to state-of-the-art, hosted risk management support tools, without the cost of a complex infrastructure.

  • Algo Risk

    Algo Risk

    Supports the pursuit of informed investment decisions with real-time access to market and risk information.

Algorithmics software solutions

  • Risk analytics

    Risk analytics

    Gain deep insight into all aspects of risk management, including governance, risk and compliance, with an integrated solution that adapts to your organisation’s unique risk profile and methodologies.

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