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Mobile Enterprise Summit
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IBM South Bank Client Centre
London, 18 th June 2013
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Managing and Securing your Mobile Enterprise: Protect devices and data, defend the network, ensure secure access and preserve user experience without compromising security

  • Neil Warbuton, IBM, Security Architect

    Neil Warbuton, IBM, Security Architect

    Neil is a security architect with IBM who has a long track record of helping design and deliver security solutions. Neil specialises in identity, access and cloud security and has been working on these with central and local government mainly and other customers in the UK. Neil's experience includes mainframe programming, client-server solutions, operating systems and still enjoys building prototypes and demonstrations. More recently, the issues around cloud security policy management have become and area of focus.

SC magazine guide

A white paper that outlines the latest mobile security issues facing enterprises and highlights best practice on balancing employee freedom to "bring your own device" (BYOD) with measures that protect mobile devices, apps and access from a rising tide of threats

Managing Threat in a Digital Age

Recent media attention has highlighted the proliferation of security breaches affecting enterprises across numerous industries. These security failures have not only resulted in significant expense to the affected enterprises, but have significantly damaged consumer trust and brand reputation. No longer relegated to the domain of the IT organization, the topic of security is now unquestionably a C-suite priority. Organizations need to move toward a more systematic and proactive approach to addressing security threats and managing compliance requirements in today’s information-driven economy.

Ensuring application security in mobile device environments

Automated tools for assessing the security of web applications fall into two main categories: black box and white box testing. Each has its benefits and challenges, and many organizations use both to attain the best possible results. For the last few years, IBM has been researching, developing and patenting a new approach called “glass box,” which is now emerging as a way to take advantage of the benefits of both methods. This paper introduces the innovative glass box approach. It describes how it works, how it compares to various web application scanning tools and the benefits it provides.

Delivering Confidence to Seize the Mobile Opportunity

Today, organizations around the world are looking to adopt mobile technology to improve their communications, their access to customers, their productivity and really the way they work. Embracing the opportunity around mobile, and doing so with confidence, requires that we put the right security solutions in place across the users, applications and the mobile device itself.