IBM acquires TRIRIGA

IBM closes on acquisition of TRIRIGA

ARMONK, N.Y., April 14, 2011 /PRNewswire/ -- IBM (NYSE: IBM) today announced that it has completed the acquisition of TRIRIGA, Inc., a privately-held company based in Las Vegas, Nevada. Financial terms were not disclosed.

On March 22, IBM announced that it had entered into a definitive agreement to acquire TRIRIGA, a leading provider of facility and real estate management software solutions.

Integrate the management of multiple facilities, all from one location.


IBM TRIRIGA delivers integrated capabilities across real estate, capital projects, facilities management, facilities maintenance and energy management to improve facilities operations, reduce facilities costs and lower energy consumption.

  1. Q. What are you announcing today?
    A. IBM has completed the acquisition of TRIRIGA, Inc. (hereafter referred to as TRIRIGA) a company that provides and delivers one of the industry's most extensive and integrated set of software solutions Integrated Workplace Management.

  2. Q. Who is TRIRIGA?
    A.  TRIRIGA is a leading solutions provider in the Integrated Workplace Management Systems (IWMS) segment as defined by Gartner. The company was founded in 2000 and has over 200 customers in which they manage global real estate operations ranging in size from 1 million to 300 million square feet across thousands of locations.

  3. Q. What solutions does TRIRIGA provide?
    A. TRIRIGA provides an integrated workplace management solution. Its products and Services address key customer needs for real estate portfolio management, capital project management and energy and sustainability. TRIRIGA’s extensible technology provides customers with the business agility to rapidly configure and reconfigure the application as customers' needs change.

  4. Q. What is driving the need for TRIRIGA’s solutions?
    A. Historically, customers with Facilities Management requirements have augmented traditional Enterprise Asset Management solutions with point products to meet their needs. Today, more and more customers require these capabilities be provided in a single, integrated suite to allow their companies to use information across the organization. Similarly, business processes that span multiple groups are difficult to support when those groups are using different products. Customers are demanding a single source to employ seamless corporate-wide processes without bearing significant integration costs.

  5. Q. How will TRIRIGA and IBM Tivoli products fit together?
    A. TRIRIGA will complement Tivoli’s Enterprise Asset Management portfolio. Combining TRIRIGA with Tivoli and Maximo products will help bring customers a solution to address the spectrum of facilities and real estate management requirements. TRIRIGA solutions will specifically complement Tivoli offerings with capabilities for real estate portfolio management, capital project management and solutions for energy & environment sustainability. Customers will be able to acquire and deploy a one-vendor solution with comprehensive functionality specifically designed for facility management that supports enterprise-wide business processes and is based on a unified information repository.

  6. Q. How will TRIRIGA Services be integrated into IBM’s Global Business Services (GBS) organization?
    A. TRIRIGA Services will be integrated into IBM’s Global Business Services’ Integrated Service Management Practice. This practice provides Asset Management Services and supports IBM’s Smarter Buildings and Smarter Cities initiatives. Together with our Maximo Services capabilities, IBM will support the total life cycle of Facilities Management and Integrated Workplace Management solutions.

  7. Q: Can you provide scenarios where TRIRIGA’s solutions would be used?
    A. Customers use TRIRIGA to support the total life cycle management of their enterprise facilities -- portfolio leasing to portfolio management, construction and design, project management, facilities management, including space, furnishings and IT equipment and cabling management, maintenance management and asset disposition. TRIRIGA helps customers make informed decisions such as optimizing space utilization based on projections of future needs while balancing between leased and owned properties. Customers can identify facility improvement projects, prioritize relative urgency and importance of multiple projects, estimate costs, and bid and manage work with contractors. Customers can also use TRIRIGA solutions to identify optimal site locations, manage leases and centrally manage their real estate portfolio of multiple facilities across geographical locations.

  8. Q: What value do TRIRIGA’s solutions provide to its customers?
    A. TRIRIGA helps clients reduce real-estate expenses, improve the return on assets, and address that assets are in compliance. TRIRIGA solutions help with such activities as lease management, portfolio planning, utility tracking, condition assessment, budgeting and construction estimating. Among many opportunities customers can realize financial benefit to their business by reducing unused or partially occupied space, lowering real estate costs through advanced planning for future space requirements, and making informed decisions about facility improvements that generate the greatest return on investment.

  9. Q. Do these products overlap with what IBM Tivoli provides today?
    A. No, instead TRIRIGA complements the IBM portfolio through its Real Estate, Capital Project Management, and Energy and Environmental Sustainability solutions. IBM intends to provide a Product roadmap after the acquisition closes.

  10. Q. What value will be added to TRIRIGA’s clients with the integration into IBM’s Global Business Services (GBS)?
    A. TRIRIGA’s clients will have access to IBM’s extensive portfolio of service offerings. This expands well beyond facilities management to include, business transformation in EAM, end to end project management, integration to key business systems (ERP and others), Application Management Services, global delivery resources and many other capabilities found in IBM’s services portfolio.

In the months following the acquisition, IBM will begin transitioning customers to the IBM Support system. Active TRIRIGA direct customers will begin receiving e-mails shortly afterwards with details on engaging IBM Software Support via the web and phone.

For more information on IBM support, please visit This web site provides information on electronic support for your IBM/TRIRIGA software.

External Support FAQ

  1. Q: How do I get support for my current products?
    A: You continue to call the same support number(s) you do today. Once the support structures are merged, we will post the information to the web sites, update the TRIRIGA phone message, and forward calls from the TRIRIGA support number to the IBM support number.

  2. Q: Can I go to or to get information on the acquisition?
    A: Yes. Acquisition information, as well as additional support information will be available at both web sites.

  3. Q: My support contract is about to expire. Who should I contact?
    A: Until you are contacted by an IBM/TRIRIGA representative regarding migration into the IBM systems, you should contact your current sales representative.

  4. Q: Who do I call to escalate a support issue?
    A: Continue to call the same support number(s) you do today to escalate a TRIRIGA support issue.

  5. Q: Where do I go to get patches and fixes?
    A: Continue to go to your current support team until the structures are merged. We will post notices on the web sites.

  6. Q: Will my TRIRIGA Maintenance Contract get transferred to IBM? When?
    A: An IBM/TRIRIGA Account Rep will be communicating with you concerning your contract and any transition of it in the future.

  7. Q: Should I expect an IBM Rep to contact me about my support contract and maintenance?
    A: An IBM/TRIRIGA Account Rep will be communicating with you concerning your contract and any transition of it in the future.

  8. Q: Will TRIRIGA products be bundled with any of the IBM products?
    A: This is being evaluated and any changes will be communicated in IBM Product Announcements.

  9. Q: Are my TRIRIGA Sales and Account Team going to remain the same?
    A: This is being evaluated and any changes will be communicated to you via an Account Team member.

  10. Q: Where can I find out if my TRIRIGA product is being replaced by an IBM product? If so, is there a timeline for EOL (end of life)?
    A: This is being evaluated and any changes will be communicated in IBM Product Announcements.

  11. Q: I am a TRIRIGA customer but not an IBM customer. Where can I look to find a description of the IBM support processes and offerings?
    A: Please refer to the IBM Software Support Handbook found at

  12. Q: With the acquisition, will I continue to have 7x24 coverage for severity 1 issues on TRIRIGA products?
    A: The acquisition is not expected to materially affect your current level of support for severity 1 issues.

  13. Q: Where do I upload data and logs for support to review?
    A: Continue to use the same download sites you currently use. Any changes will be communicated to you via the web.

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