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ARMONK, N.Y. - 26 Oct 2011: IBM (NYSE: IBM) today announced that it has completed the acquisition of Q1 Labs Inc., a privately-held company based in Waltham, Mass. On October 4, IBM announced that it had entered into a definitive agreement to acquire Q1 Labs, which provides advanced analytics to detect and flag suspicious or abnormal events. Financial terms were not disclosed.

  1. What are you announcing today?
    We are pleased to announce that IBM has completed the acquisition of Q1 Labs, Inc. (hereafter referred to as Q1 Labs), a leading provider of integrated security intelligence solutions, and the formation of a new Security division within IBM Software Group, called IBM Security Systems. Additionally, IBM Security Services is announcing managed SIEM services to become available around the Q1 Labs capability.

  2. Who is Q1 Labs?
    Q1 Labs is the largest independent global provider of high-value, cost-effective next-generation security intelligence products - including security information and event management (SIEM), risk management, log management, network behavior analytics and security event management. Founded in 2001, Q1 Labs has more than 1,800 customers spanning multiple industries including healthcare, energy, retail, financial, government, educational, and communications.

  3. What solutions does Q1 Labs provide?
    Q1 Labs provides a suite of security intelligence solutions that serve as the security and IT compliance dashboard of an organization, collecting and making sense out of security data from hundreds of sources for use in traditional IT security, as well as cyber, cloud, and mobile security. Offerings include QRadar SIEM for advanced threat and security incident detection using event analytics, asset profiling, network activity monitoring and flow analytics; QRadar Log Manager for turnkey log management; QRadar Risk Manager for assessing information risk; and QRadar QFlow and QRadar VFlow for Layer 7 application monitoring and content capturing.

  4. What is driving the need for Q1 Labs’ solutions?
    The world is becoming more digitized and interconnected, opening the door to emerging threats and leaks. And in a Smarter Planet, an organization’s attack surface grows rapidly, increasing security complexity and management concerns. Few companies are comfortable with the question: How secure am I? Today’s organizations are looking for actionable intelligence and predictive analytics to help strengthen their security posture.

  5. How will Q1 Labs and IBM Security products fit together?
    Q1 Labs will add additional value and insight into IBM’s initiatives of security intelligence, providing a key layer of advanced correlation and deep analytics allowing clients to increase their security posture. In addition to being a natural fit into the IBM security product portfolio, there will be additional opportunity to utilize Q1 Labs’ products in professional and managed security services engagements, as well as incorporate into IBM Security Services security consultancy offerings.

  6. When will this transaction be finalized?
    The acquisition has closed as of October 26, 2011, following receipt of regulatory approval.

  7. Can you provide scenarios where Q1 Labs’ solutions would be used?
    As the central console for security information, Q1 Labs’ solutions are used to aid clients across the entire security intelligence timeline: before, during and after exploits. Clients across industries use Q1 Labs’ solutions to detect internal & external threats (including many that others miss), consolidate data silos, detect insider fraud, predict business risk, and address regulation mandates.

  8. What value do Q1 Labs’ solutions provide to its customers?
    IBM and Q1 Labs will deliver an integrated solution that helps organizations address key aspects of the security intelligence and compliance timeline. Unlike offerings that require the integration of multiple distinct products and interfaces, Q1 Labs’ integrated solution provides a common platform and UI that will correlate information from security and network event logs, network flows, applications, user activity, asset-based vulnerability management and other foundational security controls. At the same time it applies the insight to unite IT silos, address key security domains, and create a common security intelligence platform that can be leveraged across the organization. Ultimately, Q1 Labs provides rapid time to value by providing a simple to use and easy to manage solution that doesn’t require additional staffing and automates security policy functions and device discovery through a single user interface.

  9. Do these products overlap with what IBM Security provides today?
    Q1 Labs provides a suite of security intelligence solutions that serve as an organization’s security, IT compliance, and network analytics, which are very complementary to IBM’s broad security capabilities.

  10. Can you provide more details on the new Security division with IBM Software Group?
    IBM is strategically integrating and strengthening its security software, appliance and related lab services portfolio by creating a new Security division within Software Group. IBM Security Systems will allow IBM to focus product development, marketing and sales resources on IBM’s leading security portfolio, achieving a unified framework that will enable our clients to benefit from integrated solutions. IBM’s intent is that Q1 Labs will join the new division.

    Together with IBM’s security service practice, IBM Security Systems will offer the Corporate Information Security Officer (CISO) an IBM focal point to help solve their security and compliance issues. Clients can benefit from more tightly integrated products, a unified roadmap, accelerated time-to-value on investments and the ability to align their better security posture with their business objectives. IBM Security Systems will have solutions that span security hot topics such as Cyber Intelligence, Insider Fraud, Identity, Network, Endpoint, Mobility, Cloud, Applications, Data, Intelligence and more.

    Security has become a major leadership and growth area for IBM. In 2010 we announced the formation of a virtual brand, IBM Security Solutions, to represent our security portfolio to customers. Given the size and subsequent growth of this business, and the addition today of our 12th security acquisition, it’s the right time to form an official division that houses this large and strategic business for IBM.

In the months following the acquisition, IBM will begin transitioning customers to the IBM Support system. Active Q1 Labs direct customers will begin receiving e-mails with details on engaging IBM Software Support via the web and phone. For more information on IBM support, please visit This web site provides information on electronic support for your IBM/Q1 Labs software.

External Support FAQ

Q1: How do I get support for my current products?
A: You continue to call the same support number(s) you do today. Once the support structures are merged we will post the information to the web sites, update the Q1 Labs phone message and forward calls from the Q1 Labs support number to the IBM support number.

Q2: Can I go to or Q1 to get information on the acquisition?
A: Yes. Acquisition information, as well as additional support information will be available at both web sites.

Q3: My support contract is about to expire. Who should I contact?
A: Until you are contacted by an IBM/Q1 Labs representative regarding migration into the IBM systems you should contact your current sales representative.

Q4: Who do I call to escalate a support issue?
A: Continue to call the same support number(s) you do today to escalate a Q1 Labs support issue.

Q5: Where do I go to get patches and fixes?
A: Continue to go to your current support team until the structures are merged. We will post notices on the web sites of any upcoming changes.

Q6: Will my Q1 Labs Maintenance Contract get transferred to IBM? When?
A: An IBM/Q1 Labs Account Rep will be communicating with you concerning your contract and any transition of it in the future.

Q7: Should I expect an IBM Rep to contact me about my support contract and maintenance?
A: An IBM/Q1 Labs Account Rep will be communicating with you concerning your contract and any transition of it in the future.

Q8: Will Q1 Labs products be bundled with any of the IBM products?
A: This is being evaluated and any changes will be communicated in IBM Product Announcements.

Q9: Are my Q1 Labs Sales and Account Team going to remain the same?
A: This is being evaluated and any changes will be communicated to you via an Account Team member.

Q10: Where can I find out if my Q1 Labs product is being replaced by an IBM product? If so, is there a timeline for EOL (end of life)?
A: This is being evaluated and any changes will be communicated in IBM Product Announcements.

Q11: I am a Q1 Labs customer but not an IBM customer. Where can I look to find a description of the IBM support processes and offerings?
A: Please refer to the IBM Software Support Handbook found at

Q12: With the acquisition, will I continue to have the same coverage for severity 1 issues on Q1 Labs products?
A: The acquisition is not expected to materially affect your current level of support for severity 1 issues.

Q13: Where do I upload data and logs for support to review?
A: Continue to use the same process and support sites you currently use. Any changes to this process will be communicated to you during your transition timeframe.

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