IBM acquires BigFix, Inc.

IBM acquires BigFix, Inc.

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Introducing BigFix

The BigFix endpoint management platform provides a single, high-quality software solution for meeting the systems and security management needs of all types of customers. Whether you need a do-everything Swiss army knife for 200 computers or a best-of-breed solution for 200,000, BigFix can be implemented and making your life easier in just days.

What Problems Can You Help Me Solve?

BigFix provides a wide-range of solutions across Windows®, Mac OS X, UNIX, Linux, and ESX-based systems. We have grouped these in to two solution areas that map to common functional areas within IT organizations:

How Does It Work?

BigFix content modules are delivered through the single BigFix endpoint management platform This platform has a unique distributed intelligence architecture that spreads the workload out across all the computers being managed. To do this without impacting the performance of those computers, we developed our own query language that is 100 times faster than WMI (Windows Management Instrumentation).

We also developed the concept of “relevance” to minimize network traffic and optimize accuracy. It is the agent’s job to determine if a new policy or task can and should be applied to the machine it is managing. In other words, “is that command ‘relevant’ to me?” Only then does it request any necessary content, such as a service pack or configuration baseline, be pulled across the network. This is followed by automatically reporting success or failure. This is very different from the “spray and pray” approach of most competing solutions.

Combine distributed intelligence approach, ultra fast custom query language, and the concept of relevance and an n-tier relay structure and you get a highly fault-tolerant solution that can manage any number of endpoints across all types of connections without being a burden to your

What Are The Benefits To This Approach?

  1. Q. What are you announcing today?
    A. IBM closes acquisition of BigFix, Inc., (hereafter referred to as BigFix) a company that delivers a unified platform for systems and security management, resulting in real-time visibility and control of multiple endpoints
  2. Q. Who is BigFix?
    A. BigFix(link resides outside of is a leading global provider of high-performance systems and security management software for enterprise companies. The company was founded in 1997 and has over 650 customers.
  3. Q. What technology does BigFix provide?
    A. BigFix provides solutions for Endpoint Lifecycle Management, Security Configuration and Vulnerability Management, Patch Management and Power Management, as well as an integrated platform and best practices, in the form of policies or ‘fixlets’, for managing desktops, laptops and servers in enterprise environments

    Note: Fixlet is a message packet that contains instructions that BigFix agents on target systems use to assess their status (such as vulnerability or configuration) and to take corrective actions to resolve (eg. managing firewall settings, resolving compatibility issues with third party anti-virus software)
  4. Q. What is driving the need for BigFix technology?
    A. Endpoint management remains a mission critical operation, one that continues to grow more complex with the consolidation of traditional lifecycle and security configuration management tasks. With organizational changes such as mergers and acquisitions, and changing endpoints, including mobile laptops, and virtual desktops, customers are demanding simple solutions that provide integrated automation, rapid time to value, and leading best practices.
  5. Q. How will BigFix and IBM Tivoli products fit together?
    A. BigFix will complement IBM’s Service Management strategy, where it will fit directly into Tivoli’s Service Delivery and Process Automation solutions, joining such offerings as Tivoli Provisioning Manager, Tivoli Service Request Manager, Tivoli Service Automation Manager (TSAM), Tivoli Change and Configuration Management database (CCMDB) and others. BigFix technology will help provide visibility, control and best practices automation for desktop, laptop and distributed servers, complementing the Datacenter Automation offering provided by Tivoli Provisioning Manager. BigFix technology would also complement IBM’s Security Solutions.
  6. Q: Can you provide scenarios where BigFix technology would be used?
    A. Customers use BigFix for simple IT Tasks, as well as to quickly update and remediate at risk machines when vulnerabilities are reported. For example, with BigFix customers can distribute and install large software files, such as an update to Windows XP, over a widely dispersed network, with no impact to the network quality of service. Customers can patch thousands of computers in minutes, and many have found that BigFix technology discovers assets that they did not know they had and were unmanaged. Customers can monitor print usage at a global level to help reduce costs and environmental harm, as well as automatically configure and shutdown desktops overnight, helping save thousands of dollars in energy usage.
  7. Q: What value does BigFix’s technology provide to its customers?
    A. BigFix provides continuous visibility and control for all endpoints in a customer’s network. The highly scalable platform deploys in days, and can leverage best practices to help automate and streamline IT to free up time to focus on other key projects. BigFix offers Lifecycle Management, Security Configuration and Vulnerability Assessment, as well as Patch and Power Management solutions that automate tasks such as device configuration, software distribution, backup & restore, asset management, security management, migration and retirement. BigFix helps by enforcing continuous compliance across the endpoints, automatically assessing, reporting and re-mediating to bring devices into proper configuration and security compliance. With short time to value, BigFix customers see return on their investment very quickly, benefiting from patch, configuration and security settings best practice content streams provided to their solution, automatically on a regular basis.

Combines endpoint and security management into a single solution that enables your team to see and manage physical and virtual endpoints

A single-agent, single-console approach for endpoint management across the enterprise

A single solution for managing endpoint security across the organization

Full-spectrum, flexible power management made simple

Continuous patch compliance visibility and enforcement

Tivoli software

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