IBM Acquires Fiberlink

Expands the Vision of Enterprise Mobility Management

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Q. Who is Fiberlink? What do they do?

On December 18, 2013, IBM announced that it has completed the acquisition of Fiberlink Communications Inc., a privately held company headquartered in Blue Bell, Pennsylvania. Fiberlink is a leading provider of mobile management and security technologies.

With 20 years of experience in delivering Enterprise Mobility Management solutions, Fiberlink has the in-depth functional and technical expertise necessary to accelerate deployment, reduce risk, increase employee productivity, and simplify enterprise mobile management.

Fiberlink’s long time expertise and focus on delivering enterprise mobile computing solutions for over two decades translates to best practices that accelerate deployment, eliminate risk and simplifies mobile management and security.

Q. What products does Fiberlink provide?

MaaS360® is an enterprise mobility platform that enables IT to deliver end-to-end security and management for applications, documents, email, and devices. Businesses use MaaS360 to provide their employees with secure access to corporate resources and information from personal mobile devices, without compromising the user experience, data security or privacy. MaaS360 delivers maximum flexibility for bring your own device (BYOD) with a dual persona approach, multi-platform support, self-service enrollment, customized over-the-air configuration, automated policy enforcement, and secure distribution of apps and documents. MaaS360 provides a range of product modules and bundles to enable customers to effectively meet their mobility requirements:

Q. Why did IBM make the decision to acquire Fiberlink?

IBM recognized that the combination of Fiberlink with the IBM MobileFirst solutions would give clients a more comprehensive set of technology to address their mobile management and security requirements. By combining Fiberlink’sMaaS360 offering with Trusteer, IBM AppScan, and IBM Security Access Manager for Mobile, IBM will be able to support the full range of needs from mobile solutions on corporate owned devices, from BYOD all the way through to providing trusted transactions for consumers. Sending security events to QRadar will also allow organizations to have more complete picture of their overall security posture and risks.

Fiberlink’s SaaS-based delivery model provides clients with rapid time-to-value, while eliminating the need for infrastructure investment. With integration to IBM Endpoint Manager, clients will be able to consolidate management and security of mobile devices, desktops, and servers either in the cloud or on-premises to achieve unified device management throughout their environment.

Additionally, by incorporating the Fiberlink solutions with our application platform and DevOps solutions from IBM Worklight and Rational, we will allow companies to build in the appropriate security for the situation at build time.

Fiberlink’s competitive advantages will further enhance the IBM solutions, by adding:

Q. How will Fiberlink align with IBM’s SaaS and Cloud strategy?

IBM continues to build and acquire capabilities that strengthen its leadership in Cloud solutions. The Fiberlink acquisition expands our portfolio of more than 100 SaaS offerings. Consistent with other IBM SaaS offerings, Fiberlink provides a web-based interface for easy device management, and a pay-as-you-go subscription pricing model.

Consistent with IBM’s SaaS strategy, Fiberlink will leverage SoftLayer’s infrastructure capabilities for global expansion, eventually transitioning existing infrastructure over to SoftLayer as well.

Q. From an IBM client perspective, how does Fiberlink enhance the MobileFirst Management and Security value and benefits?

With Fiberlink and IBM you can now secure your enterprise information and transactions across corporate, employee, and consumer-owned mobile devices. SaaS-based delivery makes it quick and easy to adopt these capabilities throughout the organization.

The Fiberlink acquisition is a key part of IBM’s strategy to be uniquely positioned to provide clients with a mobile application platform, management, security, and analytics capabilities across every aspect of the mobile enterprise – devices, applications, users, content, transactions, and the networks they run on.

Q. What awards and recognitions has Fiberlink received?

MaaS360 is the most recognized, award-winning solution for Mobile Enterprise Management:

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