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Enterprise Asset Management

Ray MairCephalon (CIMA Labs)
Ray Mair, Manager, Maintenance Planning.

"We had multiple systems, which the big problem was duplication of information, inefficiency. And we wanted a common platform that all sites could use that had an integrated maintenance and calibration modules."

Rory BellFulton Hogan
Rory Bell, Project Manager, Plant Asset Management.

"The major benefit in running a plant asset maintenance system is the compliance management. We have a major responsibility to keep people safe out there when they're around their equipment and we have a lot of very dangerous stuff; bitumen tanks, asphalt plants, all those sort of things. So, that's the major driver to our senior people to get them to listen is the statutory management of their assets to make sure they're safe."

Carter WoodGwinnett County Public Schools
Carter Wood, Maintenance Engineering Supervisor.

"Now with Maximo 5.2 and the digital dashboard, every manager can see every morning exactly where his or her department stands against the backlog. That's something that we didn't have before, it was something that was promised, and something that is working very well for us."

Paul WebbInternational Power
Paul Webb, IT Project Manager.

The main thing we find with Maximo is that it's so scalable. We can throw it into a huge organization and open every portal up for all of them to use or we can keep it as simple as possible, which is our company standard, our company methodology. Keep it simple. Don't take anything away. Let the people understand their own business first, the business processes, and then let it grow. Let it expand in time.

Bob KingstonMcCarran International Airport
Bob Kingston, Assistant Director of Aviation.

The beauty of a system such as Maximo is the supervisors have complete control over the job steps and if there's anything that needs to be adjusted, they can do that very quickly and update the system, and then it automatically would roll into all of the other work that would be forthcoming from that same set of job steps.

Simon ZnidarMerkur Group
Simon Znidar, CIO.

End users are satisfied with the visibility of their events of their activities. So, now finally they know what they own what kind of IT assets they own and they also know what is going on with their events, incidents, service requests, and change requests.

Lance JakobMirant
Lance Jakob, IT Lead.

We've been able to control purchasing, inventory management, asset management, work management in a single application by leveraging the breadth of the capabilities of several Maximo modules. Maximo also provides the flexibility to extend the application to better address specific business needs as necessary.

David MitchellUnited Space Alliance
David Mitchell, IT Asset Management Process Owner.

"One of the things that was extremely apparent is that the tool was powerful, but it was highly configurable and we felt that that ability to configure the tools to our needs would be a great benefit. Every organization feels that it's special, but we only have a very few space shuttles and we truly do have unique processes and we try to be as mainstream as possible, but anytime you’re dealing with manned flight in space, you want to make sure that your processes are solid and that you protect your processes."

IT Service Management

Gert van WervenAchmea Active & Belgacom
Gert van Werven, Process Manager, Capacity & Availability, Achmea Active.
Yves Vlamijnck, Team Manager for Network & IT Monitoring, Belgacom.

"We've been implementing ITIL for a long time now, and we've come to the conclusion that implementing ITIL without the right tools to support it is merely impossible, and for a large part of it we use Tivoli."

Yves VlamijnckBelgacom
Yves Vlamijnck, Team Manager for Network & IT Monitoring, Belgacom.

"At Belgacom it is our goal to become the best-in-class next generation service provider through operational efficiency... By ensuring service-level management, helping to optimize resources and streamline our processes for greater end-user satisfaction, I believe that Tivoli and Netcool are Belgacom's leading technology partners"
Yves Vlamijnck, Belgacom.

Paul BrooksAhold, USA
Paul Brooks
Director, Enterprise System Services, Ahold USA Information Services

"... we believe that IBM Tivoli IT Service Management will accelerate our ability to be an on-demand business, providing us with more effective and efficient ways to help our customers."

Frank GurberUnity Media
Frank Gurber, Network Operations Manager.

"Scalability and flexibility is very important for us in Unity Media... Due to the fact that IBM service management is a very scalable and flexible ... it helps with all our needs..."

Rene LuytenSwisscom Mobile
Rene Luyten, Project Manager, Swisscom Mobile.

"The IBM Service Management solution has helped us to model the dependency of the different components of a service to a whole picture that allows us to track impacts of several components to the whole service."



Andreas GolombekCommerzbank
Andreas Golombek
IT Production, Commerzbank

"With the IBM Tivoli Monitoring 6.1 we will be able to view, analyze, and manage availability and capacity data through the whole IT infrastructure within one portal. This means that we are potentially able to eliminate point solutions, therefore having standardization and cost savings."

Doug EdwardsLockheed Martin
Doug Edwards
Senior Systems Engineer, Lockheed Martin IT

"We selected the Tivoli product family because it provides us a single product family that is comprehensive and can provide a complete, end to end solution for managing the overall infrastructure."

Joe CooperFirst Citizens Bank
Joe Cooper
Executive Vice President, Technology & Operations

"We’ve become even more adamant about controlling operational costs. And Tivoli and products from Tivoli help us do that with a lot of automation and reduced IT expenses."

Gary CharltonSears Canada Inc.
Gary Charlton
VP, Business Systems and Information

"The benefit of having on demand tools in an environment is basically we can get to root cause a lot quicker. We can maintain availability of our applications at an extremely high level."

Gunnar SvanbergSEB IT, Sweden
Gunnar Svanberg
Architect Systems Management

"We are on the journey to become an on demand e-business IT operation; this is because we see that we have to reply to the demands of our customers to be fault tolerant, flexible and stable."

reduce costs, improve availability, increase satisfactionStadtsparkasse München
Randolph Sigmund
IT System Architect

"The IBM Tivoli OMEGAMON solution at SSKM integrates processes across the enterprise … Without such an integrated end-to-end view it would be difficult to ensure that processes have the resources they need to run at the highest availability."

James HaneyWhirlpool Corporation
James Haney
Vice President, Architecture and Planning

"If I look at Tivoli's offerings in the on-demand space, and I look at it from the rest of the industry perspective, I think Tivoli has a very compelling story to tell."


Orchestration and Provisioning

David MurrayAhold, USA
David Murray
Architect and ESM Lead, Ahold Information Systems

"Currently we use Tivoli Provisioning Manager in our lab ... to make sure we have 100% efficiency on all of the systems in our lab.... Tivoli provisioning manager will allow us to reconfigure machines instead of days and weeks, it will take hours...."



Frits AndersenJyske Bank A/S
Frits Andersen
Manager of Development Tools

"Jyske Bank is already operating in the on-demand world. Using Tivoli Access Manager to authenticate, authorize and integrate we are confident that we can continue to put solutions and services to the marketplace when our customer needs it."


Storage Management

Mark LaforestTerason & Broadleaf Services Inc.
Mark Laforest, Sr. VP of Operations, Terason
Jim Tenner, President, Broadleaf Services Inc. (An IBM Business Partner)

"On the developers' desks, we used a product from IBM called CDP, or Continuous Data Protection, which would automatically backup the data as it was changing... the most tangible benefit has been that it’s a reliable solution for us. It reliably backs up all the data that we have, both on our desktop and our centralized servers."
- Mark Laforest, Terason.

Bryan OdomAhold Information Systems
Bryan Odom
Distributed Computing Analyst

"Had we not had Tivoli SAN Manager and Storage Resource Manager in our environment, we would still be operating with the assumption that everything is working, but not really knowing how..."

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