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Integrated Service Management. for Industries. for Design & Delivery. for Data Centers.

Integrated Service Management from IBM brings together the best practices, solutions and expertise needed to help organizations transform the way they design, deliver and manage business services.

With Integrated Service Management, organizations gain visibility, control and automation across organizational and infrastructure boundaries making it possible to have an end-to-end view of a business service, effectively manage risk and compliance, and fundamentally changing the economics of service delivery—all in support of business objectives.

IBM has announced the IBM zEnterprise system - a first of a kind technology representing a new dimension in computing. The zEnterprise integrates IBM's leading technologies to dramatically improve the productivity of today's multi-architecture data centers and tomorrow's private clouds.

IBM’s Integrated Service Management (ISM) on zEnterprise is uniquely architected to extend the value of zEnterprise:

To extend these benefits, Tivoli has created 4 offerings that bring visibility, control and automation to zEnterprise.

IBM Tivoli Solutions for zEnterprise

Tivoli Application Management for zEnterprise

Customers who deploy critical application workloads on zEnterprise will continue to need rapid problem isolation and resolution to maintain business service levels. The Tivoli Application Management for z Enterprise offering provides true end to end transaction detail across operating environments with industry leading integration to problem resolution tools. These consistent views of transactions and services in a meaningful context, facilitate the identification, isolation, accurate diagnosis and repair needed to sustain application performance, regardless of the source of a bottleneck.

Tivoli provides a true end-to-end transaction breakdown across environments, along with industry-leading integration to deep-dive problem resolution tools. Tivoli enables a clear service strategy across the business and IT with real-time actionable intelligence needed to measure and improve delivery against business and IT objectives.

Products included in this offering are:

Tivoli Asset and Financial Management for zEnterprise

zEnterprise introduces resource sharing in a new dimension of heterogeneous computing. Tivoli Asset and Financial Management for zEnterprise offering allows customers the ability to measure the costs of business services, including resource usage, software and vendor contracts across all IT resources. Tivoli Asset and Financial Management provides the visibility into consumption by resource type and transforms that data into clear, fair and auditable reports for cost recovery or client billing and prepares clients for software license audits. Asset tracking, especially software license usage, is a very valuable tool in support of compliance and audit requirements.

Visibility into consumption by resource type allows for cost recovery or client billing and prepares clients for software license audits. Control of expenditures and profitability analysis are facilitated by an understanding of shared costs.

Products included in this offer:

Tivoli Application Resilience for zEnterprise

Critical business service applications, such as SAP ERP or Internet Banking, need the highest level of availability and quality of service assurance possible. The Tivoli Application Resilience offering provides end-to-end automation to reduce manual effort and the risk of error.

Customers can create business service policies and automate the execution of the steps required for a successful and automated failover for applications, process, tasks, alerts and notifications where grouped resources, both within and external to the zEnterprise, are treated as one logical resource. Utilizing Tivoli Application Resilience for zEnterprise, tasks are executed as planned with critical path management and resource aware scheduling, dynamically adapting to unplanned changes

Using Tivoli Application Resilence for zEnterprise, customers can manage the critical path of milestone services and automate the execution of the steps required to create policies for a successful and automated failover, thus reducing the need for excess overtime and minimizing the likelihood of human error. Facilitated workflow across business and operational silos, tools and processes, results in reduced labor costs and improved time to market.

Products included in the offer:

Tivoli Security for zEnterprise

Tivoli Security for zEnterprise offering allows organizations to centrally manage and protect access to applications, business services, infrastructure and data resources for the enterprise. Automated mainframe audit and compliance management increases efficiency with consolidated event reporting and reduces the risk of intentional or unintended error. Data level entitlement management and enforcement and secure information sharing between trusted parties can be federated for improved end user experience and collaboration. Simplified user provisioning and access control management with self-help capabilities improve security administration productivity and reduce help desk costs. The Tivoli security management offering allows organizations to leverage their mainframe as their enterprise security hub.

Products included in the offer:

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