Integrated Service Management for System z


IBM Integrated Service Management for System z® (ISM for z) can turn System z into an enterprise-wide service management hub, delivering centralized service management, business resilience and optimized service delivery across the business.

ISM for z helps realize the potential of the new IBM zEnterprise®, providing a single service management engine to give you the visibility, control, and automation needed to deliver quality services, manage risk and compliance, and accelerate business growth.

IBM zEnterprise is a first of a kind technology representing a new dimension in computing. The zEnterprise integrates IBM's leading technologies to dramatically improve the productivity of today's multi-architecture data centers and tomorrow's private clouds. Based on a smarter design that unifies IT technology , IBM zEnterprise brings together heterogeneous IBM Systems so they work together within one frame.

Integrated Service Management for System z is the answer to traditional management tools that were not designed for today’s heterogeneous-in-one environments and are typically limited both in function and in the operating system platforms they support. ISM for z removes those limits and opens up the capability for a centralized service management hub with one service management engine for the entire data center. This end to end capability extends the reach of mainframe reliability, availability, and scalability, for mission critical business service management.

To extend these benefits, Tivoli has 4 new offerings that bring visibility, control and automation to the IBM zEnterprise. These new offerings can reduce total cost of ownership and simplify installation and ordering processes for customers.

New! IBM Tivoli Solutions for zEnterprise:

By enabling performance management and automation of the entire IT infrastructure, Tivoli’s integrated tools allow organizations to standardize service delivery and management processes with ITIL and accepted best practices needed to manage infrastructure, people and processes—across IT for the achievement of business goals.

With the zEnterprise and the new dimension of computing it introduces, and Tivoli’s advanced and tightly integrated software portfolio, the System z mainframe assumes a major enterprise-wide role as the hub for managing and automating end-to-end business services.

IBM Service Management on System z

Strategically exploit the power of System z to enable an enterprise wide management hub. Superior visibility, control and automation for highest quality, cost effective business service delivery.

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Integrated Service Mgmt for System z

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