Carrier VoIP Service Management

With the convergence of voice and Internet Protocol (IP) networks, service providers have new revenue opportunities made possible by fast, cost-effective IP network delivery of voice, data and multimedia content to different types of devices. Despite the lucrative promises of IP-based services, VoIP services can rob providers of their most valuable differentiator in the market - high customer satisfaction.

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Unlike the reliable, circuit-switched voice services that consumers are accustomed to receiving, services based on the IP environment frequently suffer from performance degradations that can directly affect customers' quality of experience (QoE). For example, heavy traffic volume on the IP network can trigger dropped calls, unintelligible conversations and static on the line. The performance issues frequently stem from the environment's volatility and issues associated with the IP protocol, jitter, latency and packet loss - all of which affect service quality. Facing a multitude of performance and service threats, providers can lose twice - business stops in its tracks and customers become dissatisfied, which may result in customer churn.

To help you drive steady revenue streams and avoid churn, Tivoli® Netcool® software for carrier VoIP services provides integrated, state-of-the-art service management software designed for service providers. The Tivoli Netcool portfolio supports all layers in the network and all links across it - from the core network to equipment on the customer's premises - so you can effectively manage your VoIP services and maintain high QoE. With an end-to-end way to visualize and manage even the most complex environments, Tivoli Netcool software can help you:

The Tivoli Netcool portfolio allows enables you to:

Samples of monitoring key performance and quality indicators in real time
Monitor: Get KPIs and KQIs for:
Usage Busy-hour call attempts
Minutes of use
Call destinations
VoIP quality Bearer mean opinion score (MOS)
Call clarity index
Speech activity percentages
Call signaling Call completion rate
Grade of service
Post-dial delay
Service quality Availability
Echo delay
Post-dial delay
Subscribers Average revenue per user (ARPU)
State of service
Open tickets

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