Innovation through Visibility, Control, Automation

Amp up innovation with better service management

IBM Service Management represents an evolutionary leap forward in managing services. IBM Service Management provides the integrated Visibility, Control and Automation™ that you need across business and technology assets to help overcome roadblocks to innovation. It enables you to better achieve your business objectives and maximize the value from all of the assets that support your operation.

Innovation - the best path to business success

A recent IBM survey of more than 750 CEOs points to innovation as a way to gain competitive advantage and accelerate business growth. By delivering innovative services and products, enterprises can distinguish themselves from competition, increase market share, improve customer satisfaction and generate new revenue streams.

However, innovation can be a complex undertaking. Creating, implementing and executing innovative strategies requires responsive business and IT operations that can adapt quickly to changing business requirements in a rapid and scalable manner.

For many organizations, added challenges such as compliance regulations, technical and architectural complexities, budget shortfalls and siloed organizational structure often leave operations teams stretched too thin. Rather than delivering revenue-generating innovation, line-of-business and operations teams focus limited resources on assuring business as usual-with growth and innovation as a secondary priority.

To make growth and business innovation a priority, 78% of CEOs interviewed see the integration of business and technology as the preferred path to meeting their business objectives. But how do they get there?

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