Information Systems Management and Automation

Control your systems, while reducing unnecessary work and cost.

When it comes to information systems management, many IT organizations just spin their wheels. Studies show over 70 percent of IT operations spending goes to maintaining and managing existing systems, instead of developing new and innovative applications. No wonder that in a 2006 study, 77 percent of companies said their top operational priority was improving IT efficiency.
It’s too late to attack systems problems after they’re impacting your customers. You should be able to proactively optimize the availability of your applications and infrastructure. You should be able to manage and implement information systems management changes with minimal disruption, and to maintain or lower the costs of providing quality services.
IBM Tivoli and our global team of Business Partners can help. Our solutions enable IT administrators to better view, correlate and profile transactions across diverse, complex information management systems, so you can find and fix problems faster. We can help you:

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Key IBM Information Systems Management and Automation Offerings

IBM Tivoli Provisioning Manager Family & Express

Helps organizations automate the provisioning cross the entire organization through software, server, storage, and network automation.

IBM Tivoli Remote Control

Enables remote management of thousands of PCs and servers from a central location, helps solve problems remotely, reducing expensive onsite IT visits.

IBM Tivoli Monitoring Family

An enterprise-class solution that optimizes IT infrastructure performance and availability

IBM Tivoli Foundations Application Manager

Is a systems resource appliance designed for midsize businesses to comprehensively monitor, alert, and report on performance and availability of IT.

IBM Tivoli Foundations Service Manager

Is a service support management appliance, which provides service desk capabilities for incident and problem management and SMB workflows out-of-the-box!

IBM Tivoli Provisioning Manager for OS Deployment

Is an easy use to use, proven solution for remote configuration, simultaneous deployments, updates and restorations of operating systems.

IBM Tivoli Provisioning Manager for Images

Manage all server images in a single interface. Automatically converts physical images to virtual images or between virtual image formats. (optional, chargeable component)

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