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IBM® Service Delivery and Process Automation software gives you the visibility, control and automation needed to provide quality service delivery, addressing all stages of the service lifecycle.

Tivoli® Service Delivery and Process Automation software offerings provide a complete solution, automating the full lifecycle of service requests, incidents and trouble tickets from their creation through to the environmental changes they produce. Tivoli software is integrated to capture incoming requests, incidents and problems; route them to the correct decision-makers; and expedite resolution with enterprise-strength server and desktop provisioning tools. They do this while keeping an accurate record of all the configuration items in a federated management database and a real-time picture of the deployed infrastructure - matching hardware and software services with the business needs they fulfill.

By automating change, configuration, provisioning, release and asset management tasks, IBM Service Delivery and Process Automation software and services help reduce cost and eliminate error.

Common process automation platform combines asset and service management in one environment

IBM Service Delivery and Process Automation products leverage a common process automation engine. This engine is unique in its ability to:

With the implementation of IBM service delivery and process automation software solutions, clients can expect to improve the efficiency and effectiveness of IT, enable greater convergence of technology and business processes, and see results in areas like mean time to repair, service quality, and customer satisfaction.

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Featured products

  • IBM Service Delivery Manager
    Enables businesses to rapidly implement a complete service management solution within a private cloud computing environment. Delivered as a pre-integrated software stack and deployed as a set of virtual images, it allows automated IT service deployment and provides rapid self-service provisioning, resource monitoring, cost management, and high availability of services in a cloud.
  • IBM Tivoli System Automation Application Manager
    Designed for high availability and disaster recovery solutions, providing the ability to automatically initiate, execute, and coordinate the starting, stopping, restarting and failing over of applications running in heterogeneous and virtual IT environments.
  • Tivoli Provisioning Manager
    Provides automated provisioning, improved resource utilization and enhanced IT service delivery.
  • Tivoli Change and Configuration Management Database
    Provides an enterprise-ready platform for storing deep, standardized data on configurations and change histories to help integrate people, processes, information and technology.
  • IBM Tivoli Service Request Manager
    Enables service efficiencies, reduces disruptions, streamlines service desk operations, improves customer satisfaction, and reduces costs by unifying key service support and asset management processes.
  • IBM Tivoli Workload Scheduler
    Enables automated workload management and monitoring across the enterprise, featuring a single console, self-healing capabilities, real-time alerts and reports.
  • Tivoli System Automation
    Protects business and IT services with end-to-end high availability, advanced policy-based automation, and single point control for heterogeneous environments.

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