New Customer Initiatives Require Enhanced Security

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Enabling secure access to new service delivery platforms like cloud and SOA

Many organizations, particularly those engaged heavily in customer services, increasingly interact and exchange data with other organizations to deliver services efficiently and cost effectively. This can result in numerous internal and external users needing access to both on-premise and off-premise applications. Many organizations are implementing SOA to transform their application environments and deploy large numbers of Web services, and these environments can include Software as a Service deployments and cloud computing.

IBM security solutions are designed to enable secure access to these applications and services. They can secure access to on- and off-premise deployments of applications and services by reducing the risk of inconsistent security policies. IBM security solutions can also manage user access in SOA deployments where the introduction of Web services is transforming the IT environment. And they can secure access to hybrid cloud deployments, in which organizations leverage the benefits of the cloud while still protecting sensitive information that may be at risk.

IBM security solutions can help organizations:

IBM security solutions provide key capabilities required in the identity and access management infrastructure to secure access for cloud and SOA environments, including the following offerings:

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