New Customer Initiatives Require Enhanced Security

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New Customer Initiatives Require Enhanced Security

Enabling secure access to new service delivery platforms like cloud and SOA

Organizations are seeking new ways to deliver applications and services efficiently and cost-effectively. Many are already using Web services or SOA implementations to provide access to on-premise and off-premise applications, while increasing numbers are exploring cloud computing as a delivery platform. These alternatives to traditional IT infrastructures can help reduce IT and application development costs, increase opportunities for collaboration, and drive business growth. At the same time they can create new vulnerabilities, so organizations require more than traditional IT security to manage and protect access to these applications and services.

Enabling secure access in complex portal and Web application environments

With the proliferation of Web portals, applications and Web-based services, traditional IT systems architectures have given way to porous cyber infrastructures. In order to share data with a wide variety of users and to facilitate valuable partner and customer interactions, organizations are creating increasingly collaborative environments and custom applications built in Java and Microsoft .NET development environments.

Protecting access to critical data across the organization

Organizational data that was once stored securely on mainframe computers is now increasingly available through business services to a diverse set of internal and external users. This broader exposure creates unprecedented opportunities for better collaboration and service delivery. But it also puts critical data at greater risk for compromise. As composite applications become increasingly complex, and as organizations work to make information and services more accessible to more users, applications are growing more vulnerable.

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