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Analyst Reports

EMA Radar™ for Private Cloud Platforms: Q1 2013

White Paper by EMA Research explains requirements for private compute clouds, which include managing multiple resource pools – servers, storage, network– inside the datacenter and in public clouds.

Clabby Analytics Analyst Report: Getting Storage Under Control

Industry analyst, Jane Clabby, reviews IBM SmartCloud Virtual Storage Center and Tivoli Storage Productivity Center, calling them 'the most comprehensive storage management products available on the market today'

Enterprise Strategy Group: “Cloud Agile” Solutions from IBM Smarter Storage

White paper by leading industry analyst, ESG, describes IBM's Smarter Storage approach for optimizing storage services for cloud applications.

Evaluator Group: Evolving SRM to Meet Enterprise IT’s Long-term Challenges

Analyst white paper by John Webster, Evaluator Group, explains how IBM SRM software, TPC & VSC, help manage growth, simplify operations, manage application performance and reduce costs.


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Case Studies

TZM provides enterprise-class backup and recovery for all

Describes how TZM Informatique, a French telecommunications company uses TSM to deliver enterprise-class cloud backup services.

Endlessplace lanuches a seamless cloud backup service

Read how endlessplace has partnered with IBM and Front-safe to create a cost-effective, enterprise-class backup solution for Small and Medium Enterprises in the United Kingdom.

Data Sheets

SmartCloud Virtual Storage Center

IBM SmartCloud Virtual Storage Center data sheet describes how IBM enables easy migration to agile, cloud-based environments, enabling organizations to optimize provisioning, capacity, availability, reporting and management for virtualized storage.

IBM Tivoli Storage Manager Suite for Unified Recovery

The IBM Tivoli Storage Manager Suite for Unified Recovery is a bundle of ten Tivoli Storage Manager software products delivering a comprehensive set of data protection capabilities with simplified licensing on a tiered per terabyte (TB) metric.

This data sheet discusses how IBM Tivoli® Storage Manager for Virtual Environments provides an effective solution for backing up and restoring data for a dozen or more virtual machines that may reside on an enterprise server.

Solution Brief

The IBM SmartCloud Virtual Storage Center solution enables IT storage managers to easily migrate to an agile, cloud-based storage environment - and then manage it effectively. This solution removes the physicality of storage and the complexity of managing multivendor infrastructures.


How IBM Tivoli Storage Solutions Save IBM Money

IBM CIO, Jeanette Horan, describes how IBM used SmartCloud Virtual Storage Center in its Boulder data center to reduce storage costs 50%, saving $13 million over 3 years.

Tivoli Storage Selector

Use this interactive tool to learn how the Tivoli Storage Software family can help you solve your specific data management problems


Video: Ricoh Americas Corp - IBM Storage Client Reference Video

Video shows how Ricoh Americas Corp is using IBM TPC and SVC to control storage costs and optimize services.

IBM’s storage transformation featuring SmartCloud Virtual Center

IBM used SmartCloud Virtual Storage Center in its Boulder data center to reduce storage costs 50%, saving $13 million over 3 years.


Webcast: IBM Storage Solutions - IBM SmartCloud Virtual Storage Center

Webcast introduces IBM's flagship storage virtualization and management solution, SmartCloud Virtual Storage Center. Learn how this solution can help you transition traditional storage into a virtual cloud-ready environment.

IT managers are broadly exploiting virtual server infrastructures -- hypervisors -- to improve efficiency, provide for transparent mobility, and give common manageability and capabilities regardless of type of server hardware being used. These same robust benefits are now available for virtual storage infrastructures with the IBM storage hypervisor (System Storage SAN Volume Controller and its management console the Tivoli Storage Productivity Center)

White Papers

Storage optimization: Improve utilization and boost performance

White paper describes the Storage Optimizer feature of IBM SmartCloud Virtual Storage Center, which provides a simplified way to analyze and optimize storage resources across multiple storage systems.

Enable—and protect—business-ready cloud infrastructures (Frontsafe)

White paper discusses how IBM Tivoli Storage Manager and Frontsafe Portal software are an ideal combination for business-ready cloud backup infrastructures.

Using IBM data reduction solutions to manage more data with less infrastructure

This paper addresses the challenge of surviving and even thriving in this environment and describes various options available from IBM to deal with the challenges of data growth by effectively reducing the amount of data that must be managed.

Master the management Challenges of Your Virtualized Environment with IBM Service Management Solutions

This paper outlines common challenges that lead companies to invest in virtualization management, and then describes the tools IBM offers that address each of these challenges.

Cloud-based data protection services for managed service providers

Cloud-based data protection can take a number of forms, and IBM is making it easier for managed service providers to choose among possible scenarios by bundling and repricing its proven family of IBM Tivoli® Storage Manager solutions. This whitepaper explores three cloud-based data protection scenarios in more detail.

Unified Recovery Management

This paper explores the complexities and challenges of today’s typical data protection and recovery environment, as well as the risks and costs that are increasingly associated with attempting to deal with these complexities and challenges.

Leverage the IBM Tivoli advantages in Storage Management

This white paper describes how IBM solutions help organizations not only manage the enormous volume of data, but also optimize performance and reduce expenditures.

In a world that has become flooded with information, IBM Tivoli Storage Productivity Center is designed to equip IT organizations with critical capabilities for visibility, control and automation in the storage environment.

This document provides a summary of how IBM® Tivoli® Storage Productivity Center supports the IBM System Storage® SAN Volume Controller. This information is intended to describe the management capabilities of Tivoli Storage Productivity Center in a virtualized storage configuration.

The Storage Optimizer feature of the IBM SmartCloud Virtual Storage Center provides a simplified way to analyze and optimize storage resources, improving storage utilization, boosting performance and saving on operational and expansion costs.

This white paper discusses the relevance and value of a Storage Hypervisor, and focuses on what users need to get started building and implementing a storage hypervisor vision. It summarizes market dynamics which are driving to more organizations implementing a Storage Hypervisor strategy.

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"With TSM for VE we are seeing faster backup and recovery and more contralized management" - Jeff Jones Unum. Read More.

"By utilizing tools such as Tivoli Productivity Center we are able to get a better view of the storage environment" - Chris Aveta Micro Strategies. Read More.

"Storage virtualization has been key to providing efficient and cost-effective storage solutions for our data center." - Marty Everett Ricoh. Read More.

"We're able to run a single command which will restore tapes onto the on-site storage and also put tapes which are necessary to go to the off-site storage" - Richard Whybrow Hertz Australia. Read More.

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