Optimize SAP applications to achieve business and IT goals

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SAP and other packaged applications that drive core functions such as ERP, CRM, supply chain management and that enable support functions such as human resources and payroll reside atop a vast technology infrastructure. Businesses need to efficiently and effectively deploy, operate and optimize these applications to achieve business and IT goals. When all runs well, this infrastructure is transparent, and business users are free to focus on their work. Achieving that state of transparency and managing the complexity that can drive higher cost for operational functions and constrain growth of the business can be a challenging task for IT.

IBM can help you take management of your SAP environment to the next level, reduce the SAP landscape complexity, and improve associated service quality. IBM enables you to manage, monitor and control even the most complex and sophisticated SAP landscape. It provides visibility of the entire IT landscape, integrating data from SAP Solution Manager and other tools, and providing a single point of control for SAP and non-SAP applications.

IBM helps you optimize the SAP environment to build organizational agility, support processes and create better use of business information; gain end-to-end visibility - deploy faster, enhance operations and resolve issues quickly.


SAP Applications

Automate service modeling, service impact analysis, root cause analysis

Gain SAP service visibility and intelligence to manage the health of business activity

Assure SAP applications availability and performance

Reduce mean-time-to-recovery and gain assistance in incident avoidance

Complete visibility to systems, configurations, SAP and non-SAP applications

Discovery of virtually all components found in the typical data center

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