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Storage Management

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Storage Management

IBM Tivoli Flash Copy Manager

Advanced Protection and Restoration of DB2, Oracle, SAP, MSSQL, & Exchange –- duration varies from 2-6 weeks.

IBM Tivoli Storage Manager for FastBack

QuickStart Services 4 days

IBM Multiplex Backup for VMWare

Services Offering – duration varies

IBM Butterfly Migration

Migration Services – duration varies

Workshop + POC - duration 80 hours

Upgrade Services – duration varies

Workshop – duration varies from 3-10 days

IBM Tivoli Storage Manager

Disaster Recovery Implementation
Implementation Services 5 days

Upgrade Services - duration 5 days

QuickStart Services 10 Days

HealthCheck Services 5 Days

Backup and Restore of MaxDB
QuickStart - 5 days

IBM Tivoli Storage Productivity Center

Value Pack Foundation Services 5 days

Value Pack Performance and Reporting Services 5 days

Upgrade - 5 days

QuickStart 5 days

Implementation Services 15 days

Quick Start Usage Enablement 2-5 days

Storage Usage Chargeback Tool 5-10 days

Tivoli Storage Productivity Center for Replication
Consulting Offering – duration varies

SAN Volume Controller

QuickStart 5 days

Storage Management

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