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IBM SmartCloud Monitoring

Quickstart Services - Duration varies

IBM SmartCloud Orchestrator 2.2

Quickstart Duration - 30 days

IBM SmartCloud Provisioning and SmartCloud Monitoring

Quickstart Services – 1.5 days

IBM Tivoli Provisioning Manager

Bundled Services 15 Days

IBM Service Delivery Manager

16 days (x86 platform) or 17 days (IBM Power)

IBM SmartCloud Provisioning

QuickStart Services 5 days

IBM Tivoli Service Request Manager

Integration Services 15 Days

Architecture/Business/Process Mapping 27.5 Days

IBM Tivoli Service Automation Manager

Deployment Services 36 Days

IBM Smart Cloud Control Desk

Executive Dashboard Offering - 11 days

Incident Management Focus QuickStart Offering – 25 days

Service Catalog QuickStart - 11 days

IBM Fastpath for Virtualization Optimization

Fastpath Offering – 30 days plus 48 hrs of remote assistance

IBM Tivoli Application Dependency Discovery Manager

QuickStart Services 10 Days

Deployment Services 30 Days

IBM Tivoli SmartCloud Application Performance Management

Solution Services - duration 6-20 weeks

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Cloud and Data Center Optimization

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