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For information regarding purchase of Tivoli Services, please contact your regional representative:

Region Contact name E-mail
Manager of Americas Services Sales Roger Butterworth
Latin America Jose Fernando
Canada Jovan Stajic
NA Storage Services Michael Benanti
NA West -Tivoli Endpoint Manager Services Libby Lowrimore
NA East – Tivoli Endpoint Manager Services Zach Lancaster
West: Pacifics
West: Great West
(CO, MT, NM, NV, UT, WY)
Gerald Kaufman
West: Midwest
West: Great West
(AR, MO, OK, KS, LA, TX)
Scott Cornwell
East: Great Lakes
East: South
Rick Lowder
East: Metro NYC, NJ Jody Cannady
East: NY/NE
East: Mid-Atlantic
Dan McNeillie

Region Contact name E-mail
EMEA Services Manager Mark Chegwidden
Europe IOT Services Manager Vito Longo
Europe IMT Services Manager - SPGI Pilar Villacorta Turienzo
Europe IMT Services Manager - Italy Gianluca Bolognesi
Europe IMT Services Manager - France Olivier Steiner
Europe IMT Services Manager - Benelux Mello Pott
Europe IMT Manager - UKI David Winetroube

Europe IMT Manager - DACH Uwe Thiemann
Europe IMT Manager - Nordics Peter Nordstrom2
CEE GMT Services Manager Zsolt Kocsis
MEA GMT Services Manager Haider Issa

Asia Pacific
Region Contact name E-mail
Manager of AP Services Sales Kevin Anthony
ISST Services Manager for ANZ Philip O’Donnell
ISST Services Manager for ASEAN Wahyu Hidayat
ISST Services Manager for ISA Anand Krishnamoorthy
ISST Services Manager for GCG Jian Hai Wen
ISST Services Manager for Japan Kenichiroh Hayashi
ISST Services Manager for Korea SeoungYeon Oh

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