Actionable Heroes

A Smarter Planet game

Do you have what it takes to be an Actionable Hero?

Heroes needed:

Your challenge:
To complete a number of real-world business missions that will help create a dynamic infrastructure designed for a smarter planet.

NEW!...IBM Service Management Mission

NEW!...IBM Service Management MissionThe IBM Service Management Mission challenges you to improve the business performance of 3 blue chip companies.

You will visit the Innovation Command Center to learn about each of the 3 business challenges before implementing a range of ISM Solutions.

The result:
Three dynamic, competitive, efficient organizations.

Your challenge:

Service Management Virtual Simulator

Service Management Virtual SimulatorAs the Service Improvement Program Director for a global logistics organization, do you have what it takes to increase operational maturity in order to drive revenue, increase profits and improve customer satisfaction?

This immersive simulation environment will educate, challenge and inspire you to ultimate business performance and operational maturity with IBM Service Management products and services.

The IBM Service Management Virtual Simulator is a compelling and highly interactive ISM educational experience.

Cloud Computing

Cloud ComputingCan you transform and optimize an over provisioned data center whilst achieving these benefits? Learn how IBM Cloud and Virtualization technologies can help you be smarter about how you access, process and store data whilst responding to business needs.

The result:
An instrumented, interconnected, intelligent approach to smarter computing

Your challenge:

Storage Mission

Storage MissionIn the Smarter City IBM are helping customers whose storage management costs have spiralled out of control. Your mission is to apply tools and techniques to quickly reduce the total cost of storage in a modern data center.

The result:
A storage infrastructure fit for purpose.

Your challenge:

Garden of Learning

Garden of LearningThe Garden of Learning allows you to Wander, Relax and Learn. Explore the beautiful and serene Cloud Computing, Storage and ISM gardens, feeling refreshed and inspired after your visit.

The result:
A relaxed, informed and inspired player.

Your challenge:

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