Pulse 2014

February 23 - 26
MGM Grand - Las Vegas, Nevada.


Advertising on the Conference Digital Signage

Promote your company and solutions through this dynamic channel! Leverage the plasma screens, located throughout the conference, to deliver your digital message to attendees. Rotating content can include logos, digital still ads and video promotional spots.

One-Minute Video $1,500
Digital Still Ad $1,000
Logo $750

Brand Awareness

Conference Pen in Welcome Kit US $10,000
Be the sponsor of the conference pen which will include your logo! Each attendee will receive one in their Welcome Kit upon arrival giving maximum visibility. Only one (1) opportunity available.
Promotional Material on the E-Literature Kiosk US $500
Your company has the opportunity to provide one piece of company and/or product literature to be loaded into the E-Literature Kiosk. The item must be approved by the Pulse Management team and cannot exceed 2MB in size. Kiosks will be installed at various locations throughout the Conference Center where attendees will be able to view the information and select the literature they want and send it to their own email addresses for review after the Conference is over.
Pre- or Post-Conference Mailing (additional mailing costs apply) US $1,000
Get ahead of the competition by sending a pre- or post-conference mailing to all registered attendees. Content must be approved by the Pulse Management Team. IBM will provide the attendee mailing list to our mailing house, Graphic Solutions, and the Sponsor will provide the mailer. The Sponsor is responsible for the postage and handling charges and, for privacy reasons, will not receive or otherwise have access to the mailing list.
Logo on the Scoop Daily Newsletter US $1,000
The eye-opener each morning will be your company’s logo on our daily on-site communication that attendees will devour along with their breakfast.
Hyperlink on the Pulse Conference Website to Your Company’s Website US $500
Start advertising and attracting visitors to your company long before the conference begins! NOTE: It is IBM’s policy to link only to websites that have a privacy policy prominently posted on that linked page. That could be as simple as having the words: '[Company name] respects the privacy of our customers and visitors to our Web site.' on the page to which we are linking.
Pulse WiFi sponsorship US $5,000
Take the credit for connecting everyone to the internet when you sponsor the Wireless WIFI. Your company name and logo will be displayed on signs throughout the Solution Expo as well as the other locations in the in the Conference Center where attendees can sit, sign on, and send e-mail. Your company will also be recognized in the Pulse Conference Guide.
Escalator Runner Banner US $5,000
Make sure to reach attendees by increasing your brand exposure! Place an escalator runner banner on one of the convention center escalators that carry attendees between the registration level and the floor above. Don’t miss this opportunity to have attendees read your message while riding on the escalator. Four (4) opportunities available.
Window Ad on the Conference Center Walkway US $1,500
Larger than life! Catch everyone’s attention by displaying your company’s logo and message on a 4’ x 7’ section of the walkway windows everyone will pass by several times a day as they make their way around the conference. They have to notice!
Conference Water Stations US $2,500
Quench the thirst of the entire Pulse Conference with your logo prominently displayed at each water station throughout the Conference Center and Solution Expo. With an estimated 100 conference water station locations, this sponsorship will put your company’s name at the forefront of those “at the water cooler” discussions.
Charging Stations US $5,000 per station
Drive traffic to your booth and provide a valuable service to your clients and prospects by sponsoring a charging station for smart devices. Digital display on front of unit can be customized with your company name and booth number. Invite your booth guests to charge their phone while you network or give them a demo. Multiple locations for placement in the EXPO are available. Choose from:
1) Inside your booth space, which requires an area of 3 square feet
2) Inside the ‘Social Playground, or
3) Inside the entryway into the Solution EXPO
You will receive acknowledgement of your sponsorship in the
Conference Guide. Four (4) opportunities available.
Now/Next Screens US $1,500 per day
Have your logo prominently displayed on the Now/Next screens outside the breakout session doors. You choose the Track you wish to sponsor and we’ll display your logo on each screen in that Track for the duration of the day.


IBM Business Partner Café Sponsorship $8,500. with three exhibitor badges
$10,000. with three exhibitor badges and one full-conf. badge
The IBM Business Partner Cafe is the heart of the conference for Business Partners. Here, Partners can spend a few minutes talking with IBM subject matter experts who can offer the latest insights about the Tivoli Portfolio and opportunities. The Café is your most convenient spot to meet with IBM Business Partner Program experts to discuss programs, offerings, and benefits to best align your business priorities for 2014.
Sponsorship package includes:
- Sponsor logo featured on BP Café Signage inside and outside of BP Café
- Exclusive table location within the BP Café for meetings and discussions
- Sponsor logo placement in on-line Conference Guide
- Sponsor logo placement on BP Café page on Conference Web site
- Access to reserved meeting rooms in BP Café (6 hours of meeting time)
- Ability to purchase one discounted full-conference badge
Track Sponsorship US $1,500 per track
Emphasize your company’s strength and focus with your target audience by sponsoring a particular track or two. Your company’s logo will be displayed on all signage pertaining to the track for the duration of the conference – signs outside the rooms as well as in the Conference Guide.
IBM Tivoli® Hands-on Lab Room Sponsorship US $5,000
Promote your company with the “techies” by sponsoring the Hands-on Labs. Your logo will be displayed as the screensaver on all the signs outside the room. The logo of your company will also appear in the Pulse Conference Guide as the Hands-on Lab sponsor. Based on availability.
Tivoli Certification Center Sponsorship US $3,000
Associate your company with technical achievement by sponsoring the Tivoli Certification Center. Your logo will be displayed as the screensaver on all 75 PCs and on the monitors and signs outside the rooms. The logo of your company will also appear in the Pulse Conference Guide as the Tivoli Certification Center sponsor. Based on availability.
Pulse 5k Fun Run Co-sponsorship US $2,500
Stand out in the crowd! Your logo will be displayed on all runners t-shirts and bags as well on all the Fun Run signage. You will also receive mention as a co-sponsor on both the Pulse website and in any newsletter that referring to the Run. Co-sponsors are also allowed to hand out trinkets with their company logo at the packet distribution desk.


Morning Coffee Break sponsorship (Mon, Tues and Wed.) US $3,500
Display your company logo where you can be sure everyone will congregate – morning coffee break! Signs with your logo and company name measuring 8.5” x 11” will be placed at the break tables, and 22” x 28” signs will placed on easels around the break area.
Afternoon Coffee Break sponsorship (Mon., Tues and Wed.) US $3,500
Link your company’s name with a beverage and a refreshing pick-me-up in the middle of the afternoon. Signs with your logo and company name measuring 8.5” x 11” will be placed at the break tables, and 22” x 28” signs will placed on easels around the break area.

Additional Sponsorship Add-ons

Solution Expo Theater Presentation US $2,500
Take to the stage in the Solution Expo Theater where a limited number of 25-minute timeslots will be available for presentations. Located near the center of the Solution Expo, it’s an opportunity to share with the attendees some real-life installations and how partnering with IBM provided the right solution for you and your customer. We encourage you to relate your presentation to the products and solutions being demonstrated at your booth. Please submit an abstract to be reviewed and approved by the Pulse Curriculum Team. The Expo Theater will be equipped with a projector, screen and sound system. If you have any questions, please contact Terri Fox at terrifox@us.ibm.com.
Private Meeting Room in the Solution Expo US $5,000
Arrange meetings with customers or colleagues in your own private meeting room in the Solution Expo dedicated for your use for the duration of the Solution Expo. It will include electricity, wireless internet connection, one 6’ table, six (6) chairs, and will measure approximately 9’ x 12’. You will be responsible for all charges related to food, beverages, and audiovisual requests. (maximum 4)
Hotel Room Drop US $2,000
Make sure your company name is front and center with attendees by sponsoring a hotel room drop. This opportunity allows you to work with the MGM Hotel for the optimum delivery of your materials. A great way to differentiate yourself. Additional hotel charges apply.