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Provides threat knowledge base with parameters from your active configurations. Helps isolate relevant attack patterns, detect multiple types of attacks and configuration threats, including those external to the event log (SMF record). Knowledge of configuration mistakes and attacks can help you take action before others can exploit them.
Offers a broad range of monitoring capabilities, including monitoring sensitive data for misuse on IBM z/OS, CA ACF2, DB2, CICS, the IBM Communications Server, Linux on System z, and UNIX subsystems. Helps enhance access controls and identify resources that need protection, across multiple platforms. Monitoring critical data aids in maintaining data integrity and staying ahead of potential security policy violations.
Sends critical alerts to enterprise audit, compliance and monitoring solutions. Security zSecure Alert can automatically send security information from the mainframe into Tivoli Security Information and Event Manager, QRadar SIEM, and network and enterprise consoles. Timely alerts help you respond quickly to security events to prevent further damage and to easily include mainframe data in company-wide audit and compliance reports.
Monitor critical system settings and send alerts if changes are detected. Continuous monitoring of critical system settings to detect changes for which there are no event triggers. Configure alerts to notify administrators and management when changes are detected. Address SOX and JSOX requirements to audit critical systems settings.
Create customer alert messages. Easily create custom alert messages by modifying existing alert messages, or creating new ones. New alerts can be created by support, consultants, and other authorized users based on installation-defined requirements.

IBM Security zSecure Alert, part of the IBM Security zSecure suite, offers real time mainframe threat detection/prevention, with alerts and automated commands to counter attacks and configuration mistakes.

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