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Tivoli Decision Support for z/OS

Employ flexible systems reporting throughout your enterprise


Employ flexible systems reporting throughout your enterprise

Tivoli® Decision Support for z/OS® collects log data for easy access to the historical enterprise-wide IT utilization information for use in performance reporting, service-level management and usage accounting.

Data sheet

Tivoli Decision Support for z/OS (PDF, 306KB)

Product framework

Included components

System Performance Feature

Collects performance data logged by computer systems, summarizes the data, and presents it in forms for use in systems management.

Collects data from the CICS monitoring facility (CMF) and summarizes the data by transaction, user ID and application

Uses the IMS log to form a complete view of your transaction activity

Network Feature

Provides information for network analysts or programmers who are responsible for setting up the network reporting environment.

Provides essential information to run your data processing center as a cost center, with a focus on prices, revenue, cost and profit.

Additional products, services and solutions


Provides the backbone repository for all historical systems management data and the basis for all Tivoli reporting solutions


Highly skilled consultants with broad architectural knowledge and deep technical skills of Tivoli products


Helps to ensure the availability of critical business systems and processes

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