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IBM Tivoli Decision Support for OS/390

IBM Tivoli Decision Support for z/OS IMS® Performance Feature

IBM Tivoli Decision Support for z/OS provides a central repository for easy access to enterprise-wide IT information valuable in performance reporting, capacity management, service management, and accounting. Tivoli Decision Support for z/OS collects detailed systems management data generated by z/OS and distributed systems and subsystems, organizes it, stores it in a standard DB2® database and presents it in graphic or tabular reports. You can even customize the reports to suit your particular systems management needs. Tivoli Decision Support for z/OS consists of the base product and several features, including the IMS Performance Feature which:

  • Enables you to customize data collection
  • Provides critical information about performance thresholds
  • Helps you solve problems by collecting critical systems management data
  • Provides a comprehensive view of subsystem or program performance

Efficient Data Utilization
IMS, a subsystem of z/OS, automatically writes comprehensive logs to enable extensive data recovery. The IMS Performance Feature uses the IMS log to form a complete view of your transaction activity. This comprehensive picture is created without adding overhead on IMS or affecting the way IMS works on your system. You decide what type of data you want Tivoli Decision Support for z/OS to collect from the IMS records. In addition to simple full-function transaction analysis, the IMS Performance feature also supports:

  • Fast path transaction analysis
  • Mixed mode transaction analysis
  • Program-to-program switching
  • Message switching
  • MSC
  • ISC
  • APPC
  • IMS internal statistics
  • Shared message queue

Intelligent IMS Event Correlation
An event is an activity that is part of a transaction or an IMS system activity. Each IMS log record type represents an individual IMS event, and all these records comprise a transaction. The IMS Performance Feature matches and saves the records until the transaction is complete, and then it creates the composite record. The composite record and environment record are used to update the Tivoli Decision Support for z/OS DB2 tables. Reports are then produced using information stored in the DB2 tables.

For the IMS Performance Feature, environment information focuses on performance thresholds. This information is critical for successful management of key IMS applications.

Performance Data Collection and Analysis
The process the IMS Performance Feature uses to gather IMS performance data and produce reports is a collect. During a standard collect, the feature uses the system log data set (SLDS) log produced by IMS as input. A log procedure processes selected records on the log and matches records written for various IMS events. The collect component is composed of these subcomponents:

Transaction and Batch Analysis - Gathers information about transactions, and system and region use. Information available includes system response times, system transaction volumes, CPU and database utilization, region utilization, and transaction detail.

Application Analysis - Collects information about IMS application programs, including response time, transactions and CPU utilization.

Statistics Analysis - Records statistical information about buffer and pool use. The SLDS/OLDS component collects systems management data for intensive problem solving applications. The component can write the collected information to a data set, rather than generating reports. Separate SLDS/OLDS components are provided for different releases.

Subsystem and Program Performance Reporting
Each IMS Performance Feature component includes several reports designed to provide a clear indication of the performance of the subsystem or program. The feature provides these types of reports:

  • Overview-essential performance data for system resources trend - a specified number of performance measurements over time. Typically, this is a graphic report.
  • Exception-performance data for resources that do not meet performance objectives
  • Worst Case-data about a set number of resources that had the worst performance, regardless of whether those resources met performance objectives
  • Detail-precise information for selected applications for a limited time period. Detail reports are usually used when an exception or trend report indicates a possible problem

What it does
What it means to you
Efficient data utilization Uses the IMS log to form a complete picture of your transaction activityAllows customizable data collection without creating more overhead on IMS or affecting the way IMS works on your system
Intelligent IMS event correlationMatches event records to create transaction pictures that provide critical information regarding performance thresholdsProvides you with critical support and assistance in the management of key IMS applications
Transaction and batch, application, statistics analysisGathers information about transactions, system and region use, IMS application program response time, transaction and CPU utilization, and statistical information about buffer and pool useProvides you with IMS performance data and uses it to produce reports; helps you solve problems by collecting critical systems management data
Subsystem and program performance reportingOffers built-in overview, trend, exception, worst case, and detail reportingProvides you with a comprehensive view of the performance of the subsystem or program

System/Software Requirements
IMS Version 3.1 or later

Some features may be available only in a future release, and features may vary with each platform. Additionally, some platforms are not supported by all applications and Tivoli may make improvements and changes to the described products.


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