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Decision support for OS/390

Tivoli software

IBM Tivoli Decision Support for z/OS CICS® Performance Feature

Product overview

IBM Tivoli Decision Support for z/OS provides a central repository for easy access to enterprise-wide IT information valuable in performance reporting, service level management, and accounting. Tivoli Decision Support for z/OS collects detailed systems management data generated by z/OS and distributed systems and subsystems, organizes it, stores it in a standard DB2 database, and presents it in graphic or tabular reports. You can even customize the reports to suit your particular systems management needs. Tivoli Decision Support for z/OS consists of the base product and several features, including the CICS Performance which:
Collects the data you need and stores it in easy-to-read tables
Allows you to collect data from the CICS monitoring facility
Provides statistical analysis
Provides key information about transactions
Provides multiple reporting views

Comprehensive data collection from a CICS system produces abundant systems management data. Understanding and analyzing this data is vital to improving your CICS system. However, CICS does not present the data in a format that is easy to interpret or analyze.

The CICS Performance Feature collects all the data you need and stores it in easy-to-read tables. Predefined reports also help you understand your CICS system performance. The reports allow you to view specific applications or transactions, or the CICS system as a whole. The CICS Performance Feature consists of three separately installable components - monitoring, statistics, and transaction and unit-of-work. Each component is designed to report on a specific aspect of CICS performance. Because you install only the components you need, you can optimize the data collected and stored in the database.

CICS monitoring

The CICS monitoring component collects data from the CICS monitoring facility (CMF) and summarizes the data by transaction, user ID and application. It consists of several sub-components*:
Basic 1
DL/I 3
Basic application analysis 4
DBCTL application analysis 5
CICS/MVS (global and accounting)** 7
Basic Transaction 8
DBCTL Transaction 9
DL/I Transaction 10
Basic Application user 11
DBCTL Application user 12
DL/I Application user 13

*Subcomponents 1-3 summarize data by transaction, subcomponents 4-6 summarize data by application, subcomponents 8-10 summarize data by transaction and user, and subcomponents 11-13 summarize data by application and user.

** Only CICS/MVS users should consider installing this global and accounting subcomponent. Its tables contain the Tivoli Decision Support for z/OS objects necessary to summarize global and accounting data only for CICS Version 2.

CICS statistical analysis
The CICS statistics component collects interval, end-of-day, requested and unsolicited statistics for a CICS system. CICS statistics are available on a system and resource level.

CICS transaction and unit-of-work analysis
This component provides information about a transaction as it migrates from one CICS region to another within a Sysplex or processor complex. You can see which resources service the unit-of-work in each region or view the composite transaction. Also, you can gain a critical system-wide view of transaction activity.

CICS partitioning feature
The CICS Partitioning feature enables users that have a multiple z/OS environment to perform a parallel collection of data produced by CICS on different z/OS systems. This parallel collection provides an improvement in the total collection time for large amounts of CICS data running on different z/OS systems.

The CICS Partitioning feature uses partitioned DB2 tablespaces. The use of partitioned tablespaces enables you to update in parallel the same tables provided that the data belongs to different partitions.

Extensive reporting

Each CICS Performance Feature component includes the following reports designed to provide a clear indication of CICS performance:
Exception report-Lists exception conditions found in CMF and statistics records
Overview report-Shows essential performance data over a specified period of time
Trend report-Shows a limited number of performance measurements over a period of time
Detail report-Presents detailed information for selected applications or transactions for a limited time period. You usually use detail reports when an exception or trend report indicates a possible problem.

What it does
What it means to you
Comprehensive data collection Collects CICS data and stores it in easy-to-use tables; offers pre-defined reporting capabilities Allows you to more easily and effectively analyze CICS performance data using reports that allow you to view specific applications or transactions, or the CICS system as a whole
CICS transaction and unit-of-work analysis Provides information about a transaction as it migrates from one CICS region to another within a Sysplex or processor complex Identifies the resources that service the unit of work in each region, or presents a composite transaction
Extensive reporting Enables exception, overview, trend and detail reporting Gives you a clear indication of CICS performance through multiple reporting views; critically enhances your systems performance analysis

System/software requirements
CICS/MVS® Version 2 CICS/ESA® Version 3 or later CICS Transaction Server Version 1.1 or later

Some features may be available only in a future release, and features may vary with each platform. Additionally, some platforms are not supported by all applications and Tivoli may make improvements and changes to the described products.

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