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IBM Tivoli System Automation for Integrated Operations Management

Tivoli software

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Master console combines data from many different consoles into one multifunctional access point. SA IOM v2.1 has the ability to communicate with multiple data center consoles including those for z/OS and other systems that support ASCI consoles. Gain a single secure point of access into a wide variety of systems and platform for convenient status checks and intervention.
Provides communication and integration between mainframe and distributed system automation and monitoring tools. Programming continuity provided by IBM Corp.’s REXX allows the solution to respond to platform events, and integrate with automation packages and frameworks standard in the industry. Leverage your monitoring investment by taking automatic action based on console messages from across the data center.
Outboard automation accesses mainframe systems for IPL and VTAM initiation. Prepares the z/OS-based system for follow-on automation and provides alerts when the OS itself is experiencing a slowdown or partial outage. Automates tasks that cannot be automated from programs running on the operating system itself.
TN3270 access to mainframe and other platforms provides secure connection via LAN, remote TCP/IP connect, phone line or dial-up. This workstation-based solution allows users to manage mainframe and distributed systems from any location protected by comprehensive security facilities. Improve staff productivity by providing remote management of distant data centers and simplified access—anywhere, anytime—to critical systems in the event of a problem.
Automatic notification via email and wireless devices provides user alerts based on system messages. Prompt alerts help you address problems before they impact business; text and graphics can be passed with alerts for more informed decision making. Know of and solve impending problems before they affect your customers regardless of your location.

IBM Tivoli System Automation for Integrated Operations Management (TSA IOM), previously known as IBM Tivoli AF/REMOTE, is an outboard automation solution for secure remote access to mainframe and distributed systems regardless of location. Tivoli System Automation for Integrated Operations Management provides integrated access to these systems via the TCP/IP network as well as dial-up, enabling remote administrators gain the same TN3270 console emulation functions available to data center operators. Tivoli System Automation for Integrated Operations Management also provides enhanced automatic notification and escalation of problems via email and wireless devices.

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