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IBM SmartCloud Control Desk

Features and benefits

The IBM SmartCloud Control Desk offers a wide range of features built on a Common platform. The offering provides a number of benefits related to IT Asset Lifecycle Management, Change, Configuration and Release Management, Service Request Management, Service Catalog and support for Service Providers.

The product also integrates with a number of IBM and third party software to provide an end-to-end service management solution.

Common Platform

Capabilities are built on a common platform, the Tivoli Process Automation Engine (TPAE) which is also shared with Maximo Enterprise Asset Management solutions

Feature Benefits
Common user interface Improved efficiency due to all processes sharing a common user interface
Runbook Automation Helps automate and improve resolution of incidents through an integrated runbook capability that spans all functional areas, with the power and flexibility to effect change throughout the complete processCustom Workflows
Custom Workflows Easy-to-use Workflow Builder includes Application Designer, Database Configuration, Escalations, Notifications, and Email Listener
Reduce errors by setting up ITIL v3 aligned process workflows
Common, versatile Reporting engine Report tooling includes canned reports, Key Performance Indicators displayed on a dashboard, Ad Hoc Query functionality and a query wizard allowing users to define and schedule their own reports
Compliance support Irrefutable auditability and accountability through eSignature and eAudit
Integration Framework Seamless integration of ITIL-based frameworks, including support for Web Services, JMS, HTTP(S), Database Files (XML or Flat), LDAP, Launch in Context, Event or Batch/Bulk Processing, Email and Workflow connectivity
Global deployment support Supports multiple languages & currencies to allow connection of disparate sites and organizations
Service Provider support Multi-Customer enablement or Service Provider support allows management of multiple customers in single instance deployment

IT Asset Lifecycle Management

Reduce likelihood of overbuying software licenses as well as fines due to under-licensing; Reduce time, cost and risk associated with compliance audits

Feature Benefits
Up-to-date, proactively managed authorized repository of assets Gain deep visibility across the enterprise into assets owned, where they are located, maintenance details, corporate compliance
Track and control all hardware assets installations, moves, additions and changes (IMAC)
Manage a complete view of software entitlements across the enterprise
Accurate inventory of deployed software Automated license tracking to meet compliance requirements
Reduce time, cost and risk associated with compliance audits
Asset Reports Reduce unnecessary acquisition costs by identifying inactive assets or redeploying underutilized assets
Use contract and entitlement information to improve negotiation leverage with vendors
Control costs related to over-licensing

Change, Configuration and Release Management

Feature Benefits
Calendaring capability Schedule changes to minimize impact - change windows, resource scheduling can help identify exposures to planned changes, thus protecting critical business services
Blackout period identification Blackout periods identify critical business periods when outages would be expensive.
Automated Change scheduling can help avoid blackout periods
Can apply to all CI's or to selected CI's
Blackout period approvers can be specified
Change and Release authorization Prevent unauthorized changes by verifying authorization access based on roles
Compliance Policy enforcement Track and record changes across the organization
Manage desired states of CIs, application and service configurations to validate compliance with internal and external policies
Business Impact Analysis Complete technical and Business impact analysis capabilities
Based on thorough relationships, analysis can be performed to spot direct relationship impact as well as associated impacts to prevent unacceptable outages due to changes
CI Auditing and remediation Immediately remediate an audit variance by
- updating an Authorized CI to reflect the Actual value
- creating a Change or Service Request
- Sending an email to the CI owner
View approved Changes for a CI when viewing an audit variance to help determine if there was an approved change that caused the variance.
View CI attribute history while viewing an audit variance.
View the last audit results for the same CI.
Deployment of approved images Save on support costs by deploying approved images from the Definitive Media Library
Supports a number of media libraries; Also integrates with IBM Rational Asset Manager

Service Request Management

Minimize service disruptions through an efficient Service Desk that handles service requests, problems and incidents

Feature Benefits
Prioritized Incident Response Make most critical services available first by prioritizing incidents based on business service impact
Built-in searchable solutions knowledge base Shorten time to resolve incidents through access to solutions for specific service requests
Embedded remote diagnostics capability Enable service desk agents to remotely take over workstations for problem resolution
Ticket Templates Saves labor and reduces errors by pre-populating work order fields with service request information
Auto pre-population and classification of tickets Save time by pre-populating tickets through integration with Computer Telephony software from Genesys and Cisco
Auto classification of tickets Quickly identify and classify ticket type based on keywords and detail fields of the ticket
Chat Capability Enable service desk agents to communicate through Lotus Sametime, MS Office Communicator, Google Talk, Jabber for efficient and quicker request fulfillment
Email Listener Efficiently processes inbound emails into service requests
Third-party tool integration Provides capability to synchronize tickets through bi-directional integration with BMC Remedy, HP Service Center
Mobile Support Service Requests can be created, viewed, approved from Blackberry, iOS, Android

Service Catalog

Provide Self help and a rich catalog of Services to help end users solve their own problems

Feature Benefits
Publish a searchable list of available services Improve service levels and employee productivity by providing a list of services available to them; Help shorten time to find services by allowing a search of catalog for available services
Associate cost information to services Allows users of services to understand cost and manage consumption of services
Service Entitlement Service catalog entries can be provided based on a group or business unit
Service Definition Templates Lower cost and time taken for catalog development through templates available for common service items
Job Plan Templates Lowers costs by improving re-use of information every time you create a work order for similar work

Service Providers

Increase profitability and customer satisfaction by providing service support and service delivery capabilities for multiple customers in a single deployed instance

Feature Benefits
Multiple billing methods Gives a service provider visibility into all of the costs of providing service support and service delivery, provides transparency for the customer into their usage of those services
Repository for customer agreements Documentation of the services that will be performed for the customer
Entitlement checks against these agreements allowing you to ensure the customer is entitled to that service under the requested conditions, and, most importantly, the prices that will be charged for the services provided.
Response plans for requests Automatically assign the appropriate person or team responsible for handling each request
Select the appropriate job plan or template to accomplish the requested work
Notify the appropriate individuals about the work in process, and determine the next steps that are needed.
Provides for a smooth and consistent response to any request from customers.
Provides visibility for Service Provider management and the customer on the progress of the response
Multi-customer operation Complete and secure segregation of customer data
Provides the ability to run multiple customers on one instance
Reduced cost for maintenance and upkeep
Interactive, action based workflows Comprehensive engine which enables automated service delivery
Ensures consistency of service delivery and process management
Versatile Reporting Engine Report tooling includes canned reports, Key Performance Indicators displayed on a dashboard, Ad Hoc Query functionality and a query wizard allowing users to define and schedule their own reports
Provides Service Provider management with in depth results on their business

Integration for end-to-end service management

Type Products
Monitoring & Event Management Tivoli Netcool/OmniBus
Email initiated ticket generation
Tivoli Enterprise Console*
Envision (Event enrichment)*
HP OpenView *
Application and Infrastructure Discovery & License Management Any CSV-generation tool
Tivoli Application Dependency Discovery Manager
Tivoli Asset Discovery for Distributed
Tivoli Asset Discovery for z/OS
Tivoli Provisioning Manager
Tivoli Endpoint Manager Software Use Analysis
Tivoli Network Manager IP Edition
Security Management & Mobility Support Tivoli Identity Manager
Maximo Everyplace for iPhone, Android, Blackberry
DevOps Rational Asset Manager*
Rational ClearQuest
Rational Team Concert
Messaging / Social IM Bot
Lotus Sametime
Lotus Connections*
Google Talk
Microsoft Office Communicator
Third party tool integration HP Service Manager
BMC Remedy Service Desk
SAP Solution Manager*
RightAnswers knowledge management
Computer Telephony Systems (Genesys, Java Telepony API - JTAPI)*
Microsoft System Center Configuration Manager

*Custom integration

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